A Little Palm Oasis in the Heart of Sharjah

Just next to the gorgeous Al Noor masjid and Buhairah corniche in Sharjah is this small strip of land with hundreds of palm trees.  It’s simply called the Palm Oasis, where families come to spend an afternoon to relax.  The children are exceptionally happy, running around bare foot and riding their colorful bicycles, specially after spending most of their after-school time confined in apartments.

Mom and sisters stopped by yesterday with a thermos full of hot tea (Ammi makes the yummiest tea ever) and some assorted desi snacks.  Then we drove to the corniche, parking right in front of the Palm Oasis.  I took this picture while walking with Mom (who was kind enough to hold my tripod for me), while the rest were walking behind us with our food.

Another wonderful time with the  family, alhumdulillah.

Took another picture after tea …


  1. Greenery , even in pictures, have a way of refreshing you.
    In urdu, you call mother ammi? It’s the same in sinhala. 🙂 In tamil [the dialect Srilankan Muslims use, that is] we say ‘Umma’…It seems like ‘m’ is the key letter. 😉

    1. Yes, I do notice the presence of “m” … for example: Ammi, Umma, Amma, Mother, Mommy, Ahm (Arabic), Mutter (German), Mater (Latin), and Emak (Malay) etc.

      There are exceptions, of course, but most of them contain the letter M.

  2. You know the last time I was there, they had some spectacular fireworks on. Though I don’t quite remember the occassion. But watching the fireworks, while standing among the palm oasis was an amazing experience.

    Nice photos. Thank you for sharing.

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