A Piece of Cake

… free for everyone who came at Al Majaz park in Sharjah.

Masood and I took a piece each;  it was more than enough.

But there were some who took several plates full of the cake to feed their children,  others brought empty cardboard boxes with them to be filled with the cake!

It was a good (and sweet) effort by Sharjah, but so much of the cake was wasted.


    1. Lat, the cake tasted just OK. But since it was free, some people decided to get so much that they won’t have to buy any cake for the rest of their lives 😀

    1. Yes, Mohammad. Unless, it’s part of “advertising” for a restaurant … in which case, it’s always good 😀 But when it comes to free food of this much quantity, taste is almost always compromised.

  1. I always wondered WHY they don’t do this in Bangladesh. Then one day I saw someone offer free cake samples outside Little Bangladesh corner here in Toronto…. now I know! It was a frenzy – reminded me of sharks… lol

    Cake looks really, really, really yummy.

  2. woah. it’s seems too sweet, wonder if the labor rights and people there also change to that much of sweetness we won’t be needing that artificial/temporary sweetness on national day 🙂

    by the way was that an ice – cake ? 😀

    and and and ok let me ask, what are the copy rights issue of these images? can i take it and share it with my friends/family ? 🙂

    1. Hello, Yasser! This was basic cake with some icing on top, nothing fancy, but it wasn’t bad either.

      You can most certainly take and share the pictures from this blog. All I ask is a link back to this blog.

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