How to Decorate Your Car for National Day

Or maybe not.

Next day the police were busy stopping them, asking them to remove the stickers.

Pictures courtesy of my beautiful sister, Sanaf.

Oh, and the first prize winner for the best car decoration competition …

The winner – an Emirati guy – won 39,000 dirhams or 10,618.75 USD (picture courtesy of Gulf News)


  1. Oh my! I seriously don’t like cars decorated like this! It kind of looks …ugly! 🙂

    Sorry but that’s how I feel.Cars look beautiful and awesome just as they are.Applying these ‘make-ups’ disturbs the aesthetic beauty of cars.Simple acknowledgements are fine but not too much.So are you and Masood crazy about cars this way? 🙂

  2. Interesting!
    I think it’s okay to turn your car into ‘a crap’ for such a special day. Love the enthusiasm there, which once did exist in Pakistan *Sigh*. Anyway…

    Great post, once again.

  3. @ Lat K: I enjoy looking some crazy decorated cars, it looks funny. But no-way to our car, I hate it. I believe in individual standard of engineering behind every product, hence no customizations.

  4. Humaira, Ubaid, Lat, Raheel, and Masood – thank you all for your comments!

    It was fun seeing these cars on the road. It was really interesting! Oh, and they were spraying each other with foam too! And everyone was honking. It was noisy and chaotic for a day – but definitely fun. Next day, things returned to their normal, quiet, less colorful self 🙂

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