It’s a Goat Post

So while we were traipsing about leisurely in a farm somewhere deep within Sharjah earlier this week, we came across a curious herd of goats.  They were in state of absolute tranquility, enjoying their time doing nothing but laze about in total bliss.

Naturally, I went and disrupted their serene afternoon.  They eyed me suspiciously …

What’s with the extra long ears?

Did you know that goats are reputed to be willing to eat almost anything, except tin cans and cardboard boxes?  Eww.  It’s because they are browsing animals, not grazing ones.  So yeah, they like browsing and chewing.  And they are very curious.

Despite their inelegant eating manners, some goats have stylish horns ..

Oh, and this one’s my absolute favorite!  Isn’t this little kid adorable? …

Do you know how it is when a news reporter goes into a village with a camera man to cover a story?  Yes, most of the villagers line up right behind the reporter and peek into the camera – positioning themselves so that their faces are constantly being shown on the screen.  That’s how goats act too.

Like I said, goats are curious animals.  They will explore anything new and unfamiliar in their surroundings.  At that moment, Nikon and I were the unfamiliar elements in their territory.    Therefore, even the goats from the neighboring pen got curious and lined up to fill the frame …


  1. I was wandering for your typical naming avocation in the entire post. If you would’ve asked me to name the cutest little goat then I would’ve suggested “Chota Chatri”..lolz

    (Chota Chatri: Is a comic character in some Indian movie)

  2. Let me tell you a secret (don’t share with anyone), when I was child, about 13-14 years old, I used to go to my village pretty often. And I had a deep relationship with all the goats my grandmother had. 😀 😉 Whenever I got time, I would go out with them and let them eat grass, leaf from banana tree, paddy, etc. I wondered those goats used to recognize me as soon as I got village. Even if I went to my home as long as six months later, the goats would run towards me.

    It’s the most special feeling in life when animals fall in love with you. I had the luck to feel that. And I miss it very much.

    I don’t know why but I think all goats are cute. 😀 And in your post, the second picture from bottom looks exceptionally cute. 😀

    (I’d like to learn how you cut the corner in a rounded form.)

    1. Sajib, that is such a sweet goat story! Ok, I’ll keep it a secret 😉

      Some animals develop a very strong bond with humans, and it’s indeed a wonderful feeling.

      I used Picnik to edit these pictures.

  3. i remember on one eid -ul- adha while i was helping our goat to eat her much loved food, as i turned to speak to somebody, she grabbed my green shirt and start nibbling on it … first i got a bit scared but later realized goats are just goats they have to keep their mouth moving even if its empty !! 🙂

  4. You may call me crazy due to my morning sickness, but it seems that all these goats in your pics look so cute and adorable!

    And oh! by the way.. I am going to try out your recipe (Dates and honey cake) this weekend. I found a handful of dates leftover from Ramadhan, and I ain’t gonna let it go wasted. Wish me luck. I’ll update you on the outcome.

    1. Atie, it’s not your morning sickness; these goats are adorable 🙂

      Oh, and that dates and honey cake … good luck and let me know how it turns out for you.

  5. Adorable! Well, animals always are but peaceful souls like goats, rabbits etc are always so cute. Your post reminds of life, back in village.

    MashaAllah! photographs are amazing. Merci.

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