It’s All About Horse Power

Something very unexpected happened earlier today.  A friend of Masood called him up and invited us over to visit a farm somewhere inside Sharjah, about a couple of hours drive from the airport.  While we expected to see a date-palm plantation, I was pleasantly surprised to see horses!  Lots of them.

The first one is this cute, little baby girl.  I shall name her Fujairah

At first, she was terribly shy and stayed back behind her mom.  Then slowly, she inched forward and came so close I had to step back!  She looked pretty harmless to me, but what if she eats my Nikon!  *gasp* She was very curious about the shiny black thing I was pointing at her.  Maybe she loves photography too.

Next to her is another mother-daughter pair.  Or was it a son?  Anyway, I shall name the mother Jumeirah, and the colt Nakheel.  Don’t they look absolutely adorable together?

In the crappy picture below, you can see the horse that won 30 races!  Not sure about the gender, but I shall name it Za’abeel.  It was pretty difficult to take this shot because Za’abeel lives in this dark room.  This horse has officially retired and now lives in peace and quiet in its air-conditioned room (as opposed to the other horses who only got electric fans to cool them).  Za’abeel gets regular pedicures and massages.  I’m sure Za’abeel is also allowed to sleep in late and eat dessert after dinner …

Because all the horses in this farm are being trained to become race horses.  There are a total of 50 horses, most of them young ones.  They wake up early in the morning and do endurance exercises (there’s a special place built for that, but I forgot to take a picture).    After getting all sweaty and yucky, they take showers and get their mane brushed.

When they’re ready to race, the owner sells them.  A few days ago, we were told, the owner sold three horses and brought back four more to train.

And finally, here’s Ras al Khaimah. Here’s a passport-sized photograph of this white beauty …

And here’s a full-body shot …

Did you know that besides using them for fly swatting, horses use their tails to send signals to each other about how they are feeling?


    1. Joveria, if you could have just seen me yesterday; I was as excited as a four-year-old! I wanted to bring home one of the horses (but decided against it since the horse couldn’t possibly fit into the elevator) 😀

  1. Yea, horses are powerful. 😀

    Today I was playing this game, The Godfather (I hardly play games. This time, it’s about 5 months later). There was a mission called “Horseplay” (or horserole probably). I had to secretly enter into a rich person’s house with my co-worker. Then he slayed the best horse and we had to then find out and enter into the bedroom of that person to deliver ‘horse’s head’ to scare him. All these things were to be done without being noticed to any security guard and avoiding security alarms.

    Seeing the horses, I just remembered it. So, I shared. 🙂

      1. It’s not a violent game. The fact is, I never get any chance to play games. On this Eid, I was totally bored because I didn’t have anything to do. That’s why I bought “The Godfather”. You can read its review. It’s a good game based on the famous novel, “The Godfather”.

        But yea, that mission was very tensing. It took me half an hour to complete the task. Especially the sound effect had a very deep impact (not bad) on me.

  2. Salaams, sis Nadia…


    They’re smelly, aren’t they? I had the opportunity to ride a horse when I visited Egypt some years ago. It was a fun experience but a bit scary too! Beautiful and strong, but again, smelly! (hahaha….sorry, can’t help it!)

    And, yeah, I agree with Masood, you’re good at giving names to these horses! Pictures beautifully captured, thank God you still have your Nikon with you! 😉

    1. Walaikum Assalam, Sis Atie!

      Well, the horses yesterday had a smell, but it wasn’t a smelly smell. They didn’t smell like the horses that walk along the beaches of Karachi (no offense intended to those who have a soft spot for Karachi horses). I don’t know. It’s perhaps because these race horses have a more controlled diet and regular showers?

      I’m glad you liked the names, thank you. These are the names of places here in the U.A.E. I love these names 🙂

  3. LOL @ desserts after dinner :-P. The horse that had won 30 races looked very slim, maybe because he has now retired? (Although he didn’t look too old), but if its about horse power, they have to have power :-P. And what do the names you gave these horses mean? are these all names related to Horses? Im asking coz Jumeirah sounds a bit familiar…

    1. Haris, I also think that the retired horse is quite slim. Maybe it’s because they do not participate in rigorous exercises anymore?

      And those names? Well, they are all names of places here in the UAE – mostly Dubai, like Jumeirah, Za’abeel and Nakheel 😀

  4. I always loved horses and wanted to practice horse riding but fortunatly never got the chance….. Your post reminded me MY LOVE with horses…… 😀

    Indeed they are beautiful specially a little one in the start….she is soooooo cute…. 🙂

    1. captureuniverse, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about horses before. I liked them, but it was only yesterday that I realized I wanted one! 🙂

      Yep, baby horses are adorable and very sweet. They will really come up close and get friendly.

  5. Wow! Loved all the horsey pics! They look great and like camels,they’ve got majestic outlook as well.But they can’t beat the elephants :)They are my fav! Remeber your night safari? 🙂

    Once I was surprised too to find a horse ‘escapade’ at one of our regular park hangouts.They had quite a number of horses parading and giving adults and children training at horseback riding for $10 each.I found them a little smelly but very adorable that I took many pics posing with all of them.Even touched a white one! And some do have magnificent tails even with more than one colour!But I’ve not seen a horse with such a short tail as your last pic 🙂 Surely it can’t do much swishing with that tail! 😀 I do like that fanny look 🙂

    1. Oh, those elephants! I wanted an elephant while we were in the jungle. Now, I want a horse. But I think it’s more practical for me to own a camel since I’m in the middle of the desert 🙂

      Haha, definitely no swishing about with a tail that size! This one’s still a ‘teenager’ and under training to become a race horse, so I suppose the owner can not afford this horse to send signals and get distracted 😀

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