Our Room High Up on a Tree!

Both Masood and I found ourselves excited like children, checking out everything in the tree house.  After putting down our bags, the guy who showed us our tree house excused himself to return ten minutes later with two glasses of chilled lemon juice.  Masood tried the swing first, and didn’t leave it until, um, he felt like leaving it.

So, we got the following facilities in the tree house:

  • A dressing table (but the lighting was better in the bathroom, so I used the mirror there).
  • A small closet – with a lock and key – which contained a couple of hangers for clothes and an extra pillow.
  • A cute center table created  around the tree trunks in the middle of the room.
  • A table and couple of chairs (though food isn’t allowed in the tree house since it could attract monkeys).
  • A comfortable bed with a net (protection against mosquitoes), blankets,  and pillows.
  • Two fresh towels
  • Attached bathroom so there’s loads of privacy  and you don’t have to walk in the dark at night (yay!), plus there’s a heater for warm shower too!
  • Water and electricity
  • A ceiling fan (plus they provided us a desk fan right away when we asked them).

We totally didn’t expect all these things to be available in the tree house!  I immediately pulled up the blinds to let natural light in.  I also love how they have put up nice curtains.  It made the place look so cozy.

For more information about the place, visit Safari Land Resorts


    1. Yes, it looked very good! And the room was very clean too. AND we also saw a huge spider on the curtains. I don’t know much about spiders, and was afraid that this one was poisonous. But Masood acted as if it was just a regular bug!

  1. I was going to say, that’s a really big spider! Very important question: were there a lot of bugs or was that spider kinda just the only one… I’m really hoping you say there weren’t a lot lol.

    I love the place, it’s beautiful. You guys made the right choice by staying there. That’s such a cool experience, now you can say you’ve slept in a tree – how many people can say that 😀 Okay so now I know exactly where I want to stay when we go to India one day hehe… I’m going to bug V about this from NOW.

    Thanks for sharing this, I love it!!

    1. It was a big spider! But thankfully, it was the only bug around (or the only one I saw).

      And yes, we can say that we’ve slept in a tree 😀

      I highly recommend it! I’m sure V won’t say no 😀

    1. Actually, I’d like to thank the creative team behind WordPress. They’re doing an amazing job! They are making my blogging experience extremely delightful.

      But yeah, you are right; I am becoming creative day by day 😀

        1. Leena, it’s simple.

          1) Upload all the pictures for a post using the “Add Image” window.
          2) Click Gallery tab in the “Add Image” window.
          3) Scroll down and click “Insert Slideshow”.

  2. OMG!!! There’s a swing IN a TREEHOUSE!! How cool and awesome is that?!
    And it’s so spacious and romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re so lucky my dear Nadia!! 😛
    Hehe.. if its destined I wanna go there too someday! 🙂

    1. I know! Isn’t it uber cool? I had to literally pull Masood out of that swing, LOL 😀

      Yes, you should visit this part of India. Drop me a mail if you do, I’ll give you more info.

  3. now, coming to ur post. This seems heavenly..simply awesome!! I cant believe they have ‘pretty much’ all the facilities that u expect from a hotel. And the swing!! Gosh, I just want to visit a tree house like this so badly…obviously it would be better if it had no spiders 😛
    So, did u get to see all the wild animals roaming all around ur tree house? 😀

    1. Leena, we honestly didn’t expect all these facilities to be available in the tree house, and then to see everything so nice and proper, it was truly a pleasant surprise!

      We saw wild animals, but thankfully not around the tree house 😀

  4. Awww Masha Allah … Nadi it’s sooooo cozy and neat and pretty … BUT the spiderrrrrrrrrr …. Oh boy this one thing gives me creeeppppssssss :s

    1. Sis, Masood was praying dhuh’r and this spider was right next to him! I didn’t know what to do, so I just kept an eye on it. But when I pointed the spider out to him later when he was done, he just ignored it!

  5. Assalamualaikum dearest Nadia~~~! I love the tree house!!! Especially the attached bathroom! Who would have thought of a pink-colored attached bathroom in a tree house?!!! Brilliant! Now who says that tree houses are for kids??? Grown-ups should have our very own tree house(s)!!! Honestly, I don’t mind having a couple of these right behind my backyard. 😛

    1. Walaikum Assalam dearest Hajar 😀

      Yes, the bathroom is pink 😀 But believe me, I was so relieved to see the bathroom within the tree house. Plus the running water.

      Yes, grown ups have the right to tree houses too 😀

      And yes, I want one in my backyard too. But I have to start with having a backyard first 😀

      1. LoL~ well, I do have a backyard but it’s far too small! There’s a huge field behind it though, with lots of trees! Just need to find someone to build me a tree house! Haha!

  6. Much nicer than I expected…..I’m just not sure about that spider….I wouldn’t have my vacuum to fight off bugs…..hmmm……

  7. It’s so beautiful! I was really expecting to see you hold a toilet bucket in hand! haha! 😀 It’s definitely a much more decent toilet I could expect at a tree house.

    Pics are fantastic and I love the slide show you’ve put up.It’s a vacation well-spent.

    1. LOL – I was planning to do just that, holding the bucket out of excitement of finding an attached bathroom! Good thing the husband was there to bring me back to my senses 😀

  8. this is an amazing place. The washroom up in a tree! I wonder how they did the plumbing lol.

    But seriously, your pictures should be in a tourist book!

    1. Mezba, we saw pipes coming out from under the tree house that went into the soil. Maybe I should’ve asked the owner for details 🙂

      Thank you for the compliments on the pictures. I need that kind of motivation to improve myself.

  9. Masya-Allah! I am in love with this place again and again and again…… I must go there one day… Thanks, sis, for the lovely pictures and brilliant descriptions of the tree house. It really look marvelous!

  10. hi, nadia.

    your tree house looks so cool and inviting! like the white swing, too… it seems like a native honeymoon suite, hi, hi… 🙂

    will you allow me to stay there for just one weekend? it’s rather hot here, huh…. 🙂

    thanks for coming over my site. regards to you and masood!

    🙂 san
    doon po sa amin recently posted..Bait-baitan

  11. oh my! How come I missed your these absolutely mesmerizing posts?! That’s something perfect for my senses *Dreaming to go there*. I prefer greenery and all that serenity it brings, who knew you can even go and rent a tree house?! Oh my oh my… that sounds like a crazy imagination coming live subhanAllah! Didn’t know something like this actually exists, and in our neighbour country 🙂 😀 I shall start telling and then nagging my husband LOL

    BTW I can only see one pic of the bed? Where are the pink bathroom and the spider and the dressing…?

    1. Hello Aminah! Yes, it’s like a childhood dream come true! Sorry about the pictures; it was a form of a slideshow on my older blog and didn’t get imported here. Now I’ve put them up just for you 🙂

      I do hope you get the chance to stay at this resort. Let me know if you are so that I could call them ahead and notify them about your arrival.

  12. Aww thank you sooooo much Nadia! That’s really sweeeeeet of you 🙂 many thanks, shukran, merci, shukriya

    That bathroom is really impressive, in a tree house that is. MashaAllah everything’s so wonderfully designed.

    Yeah if we make our plans, I’m definitely gonna bug u a lot. 🙂 I wish we had such things here in Pakistan

    1. You are most welcome, Aminah! You know, one of my biggest concern before we actually saw the tree house was the bathroom. I read in a blog that the guy had to walk several feet from his tree house to go to the bathroom, and that really scared me because what if I need to go in the middle of the night? But alhumdulillah, we got an attached bath in the tree house. How amazing is that! You should see the look of relief on my face 😀

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