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Brownies with walnuts

These are my first attempt at baking brownies ever, and they turned out so great that we had these for dessert after every meal, and then some for tea. My plans were to bake something else, like a strawberry and chocolate cheesecake. I also had plans for a lasagna. But fortunately for me, my mom-in-law arrived from India to spend Eid with us and took immediate charge of the kitchen. She’s a great cook, and besides, you can’t keep her away from the kitchen for long. With her arrival, I’m happy to take a step back and simply be her assistant. My food photography has also taken a step back since I can not possibly dictate what time the meal must be cooked so that I could shoot in the golden hour.

These brownies are delicious and moist, and the walnuts give them a nice crunch. I’ve kept them in an air-tight container, where they stayed happy and fresh for three days. I could only say three days because there were no more brownies left after that.

To make these awesome brownies, you’ll need:

brownies recipe

When I was jotting down this recipe, I couldn’t find the notebook where I usually write my recipes. Instead, I found Masood’s. He uses this to take down notes related to work and stuff he reads (again, related to work). I found an empty page and wrote the recipe. A few days later, Masood was busy taking down notes related to network security, storage or something, when he chanced upon my lovely handwriting and he was suddenly like, “Why is there a brownies recipe here?!”

  • 1 cup          All purpose flour
  • ¼ cup        cocoa powder (sift to remove lumps)
  • ½ tsp         baking powder
  • ¼ tsp         salt
  • 110 gm       butter
  • 240 gm      bitter chocolate (chopped)
  • 1 cup          sugar (I ended up using only half a cup)
  • 3                 eggs (at room temperature)
  •                    walnuts, chopped (as much as your heart desires…but don’t overdo it)

This is how you create this awesomeness:

  1. Go and turn on your oven to 175°C before anything else. We need it nice and warm by the time our batter is ready.
  2. Line the pan with foil so that it’s easier to take the brownies out. Lightly grease the foil with the butter. This makes life so much easier.
  3. In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, chopped walnuts, and salt. Set aside.
  4. Fill up a pan with water and put it on the stove to simmer. Place a smaller pan on top of it that will serve as a water bath to melt the butter and chocolate together (but the smaller pan shouldn’t touch the water). You guys, butter and chocolate melting together in complete harmony is one of the best things in the world.

    butter and chocolate

  5. Let the melting be a gentle affair. Stir occasionally. Once the the butter and chocolate have melted into a smooth sauce of deliciousness, remove from the pan from its water bath and allow to cool.
  6. Add sugar.
  7. Add the eggs, one at a time, and mix.
  8. Add the flour and cocoa powder mix, and mix these just until the batter becomes moist (do not over mix).
  9. Pour the batter gently into the pan, and smooth the top.
  10. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the brownies comes out clean.
  11. Do not attack the brownies immediately. Allow them to cool in the pan for at least 30 minutes.
  12. Now lift the foil out of the pan and place on a rack, allowing the brownies to cool completely.
  13. Remove foil, and cut into squares.
  14. Enjoy!

easy to bake brownies

Ramadan is almost over. In fact, we’ll know tonight whether tomorrow’s the last day of fasting or Eid. And with all the activities of the last few days of Ramadan, I haven’t been able to post consistently or read my favorite blogs. I’ll probably be back on track after the Eid celebrations, inshaAllah, therefore, I’d like to greet you all a very happy Eid! May Allah accept our fasting, salat, and prayers.

Have a fabulous Eid!


  1. I love the pictures Nadee…and your recipe is yummy! I am gonna try it soon 🙂

    Congrats for your great website idea! Site looks just perrrrrfect!!!!

      1. And I continue to miss your company, Nadee! Thought of meeting you at Tarun’s b’day…but…

        Hope to see you soon, as soon as you get a minute for me!

  2. 1/4 tsp NaCl 😀 hehehe…
    You do have lovely handwriting Mashallah! The perfect combo of manuscript and cursivey-connected writing 🙂
    I love brownies, but I’m normally lazy and make Betty Crocker or some other company’s boxed brownies 😀
    LavendarClouds recently posted..Heart Tree

    1. Hello, LavendarClouds! Why thank you so much!

      You know considering the continuous hectic schedule around here, I’m also thinking that boxed stuff is a great idea 🙂

      PS: How come I feel like I’m cheating by not making something from scratch?

  3. hello, nadia…

    i must say that is sinful. and that, at the end of ramadan, too… he,he, reminds me of the movie, chocolat. have you seen that one, huh?

    must you always goad us into sinning, hey? but i forgive you this time as i can see that not only are you a dutiful daughter-in-law but also a loving wife (i’d love to see masood’s expression when he found out your expression of love) and one with an excellent penmanship at that. so, you are forgiven, lols!

    kailan ba talaga kayo dadalaw uli sa pilipinas? parang ang tagal ko ata bago makakatikim ng awesomeness, er… concoctions ni ms. nadia… 🙂
    doon po sa amin recently posted..Mga Patalastas

    1. Sinful? These are innocent brownies, San. But yeah, thanks for being very forgiving 😉 Nopes, haven’t seen that movie.

      No plans for the Philippines yet – maybe 5 years from now? Not sure. Ikaw na lang ang dumalaw sa amin dito 🙂

      1. the final output maybe. but the pic of choco bars with butter intimates something else, my dear. ah, they look as innocent as algebraic equations with a one or a zero for an answer but the solutions hardly fit in two traditional blackboards. see?

        btw, i think you ought to see the movie. it’s about romance and letting go – that bit about love. hohum…

        oo nga, what if punta nga ako minsan sa dubai? why not, choc nut? hmnn… that’s an idea. next year kaya? hmnn… 🙂
        doon po sa amin recently posted..Kalsadang One-Way

        1. San, agree ako that the chocolate melting with the butter is indeed sinful. Pero complekado ang eksplanasyon mo; ‘di ko ma-process! 😀

          Anytime, San – lekin preferably during the cooler months (unless you want to see only the malls :p)

  4. late but still …. wish u a happy Eid !!

    those squre little brownies definately look yummy – i have to say that i don’t really love chocolate but surely going to make this recipe … the recipe is simple n the look is delicious 🙂

    like ur handwriting too !!

  5. Nice to take a break from the kitchen for a bit but I dont know about you but I feel like my kitchen is my sanctuary and no one is allowed to dictate it for more than a certain period of time . yikes am i being a little too honest here …your brownies look delish . Eid Mubarak to you and family 🙂 how did you spend eid xx
    adla recently posted..Eid in Dubai 2011

    1. Eid Mubarak to you too, Adla! There has been an emergency during Eid and we spent the night in the E.R. but everything’s fine now, alhumdulillah.

      I wish I could also feel that my kitchen is my sanctuary, but I can’t. First, because it’s way too small. And second, because my MIL takes better charge of the cooking tasks than me. Maybe someday I’ll find myself in a kitchen that I truly love.

      How was your Eid?

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