Spicy Chicken Pasta Soup

There was a dust storm in Sharjah and Dubai two days ago. The fierce gust of wind blew the fine desert sand, scattering brown and golden powder generously all over the city. The daytime temperature dropped the next day, from the usual 40+°C (our regular temperature since summer began 6 months ago) down to 30°C. The usual empty sky welcomed its first batch of fluffy, cotton candy clouds. Birds have started to migrate into the country. The flu virus has started infecting everyone’s upper respiratory tracts. Shopping malls are displaying heavy coats and sweaters, as if it will snow any minute.

Finally, after what seemed to be a never-ending season of summer, we’re ushering in the first signs of pleasant weather, our version of winter—the time of the year where people can actually walk outdoors and not faint out of dehydration, and go to the parks and beaches on weekends for BBQ.

This deliciously creamy and spicy pasta soup is my way of welcoming the cooler days ahead.

This soup contains chicken broth that has been slowly cooked with ginger, onion, cinnamon, bay leaf, and black pepper corns. You can use bouillon, of course, specially when you are in a hurry, but that wouldn’t be as magical as compared to cooking up your own healthy broth.

Last night’s leftover pizza went very well with the soup. The cute orange umbrella—from a cocktail we had at Caesars’ several months ago—has absolutely nothing to do with either the soup or the pizza. I just felt like putting it there. Or perhaps it’s my way of indicating that I miss the rain.

Oh, this heavenly soup also contains cream that makes all the difference in the world! And then there’s a dash of red chili powder, just enough to seduce your taste buds for that second helping.

How’s the weather like in your part of the world these days? What food are you looking forward to enjoy?

Click here to print or download the recipe!

This recipe is inspired from Petra’s chicken with paprika.


  1. Its getting colder in this part of the world – specially when coming in from a cold to the grocery store as the sun sets (which is horribly early!), I love having something filling and warm like this soup. Can’t wait to make it!

    I am looking forward to trying different types of soups (so hot that they scald my mouth, O yeah!) and endless mugs of chai 🙂

  2. ayon, kaya pala medyo chubby ang hubby, ahaha. kasi, sino ba naman ang laging swerteng tagakain ng masasarap na luto ni aling nadia? parati na lang… 🙂

    btw, umpisa na ba noong sinasabi mong malamig na season sa UAE, nadia? kailangan, may celebration? naman!

    cute noong pizza na may payong. ang arte, ahaha… 🙂

    1. Hey San! Hindi mahilig sa soup si Masood. He finally tried a cup of chicken soup today after much argument. Yes, there will be a celebration, of course! I’m still planning on where to go/eat, etc.

      LOL…this is probably the first time for everyone to see a pizza with umbrella 😀

    1. Hi Mehmudah! Yes, everyone has flu! The husband is also down, in fact, on sick leave. If only I can get him to try the soup I prepared. He doesn’t like soups 🙁

  3. Hi Nadia,the soup looks great and I bet it taste great as well,coming from you!
    So sorry that I’ve been quite silent here recently but rest assured that you’ve been in my mind all this while.You got a wonderful post going and I’ll be a fool to miss it 🙂

    1. ‘liya, I’m not even sure I’d come out alive if I’d spent a winter in Canada! My body has completely adapted itself to the harsh desert climate.

  4. It rains when you least expect it. No warning, no signs given. Sometimes as early as 2am in the morning, sometimes at noon, but most of the time in the evening around 4 to 5pm. I love the rain. Makes the day cooler. I’ve always feel peaceful sitting near the windows sipping hot tea and simply stare outside in the rain, lost in trance. The best food to eat during rainy day? I’d prefer to have soups of any kind. Makes me feel warm and full….

    And now suddenly I feel sleepy….*sigh*
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  5. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah Naadia, Perfect soup for the cold weather!

    It is fall here in Dallas,TX now. The weather is pretty unpredictable and nasty though. It was 86deg F yesterday and it has dropped to a 40deg F after some showers of rain tonight. There’s a saying here, “if you hate the weather in Texas, stick around it will change”. I am now gearing up for winter(shuddering).

    1. Walaikum Assalam, Familycook! Welcome to the blog.

      Wow, that is unpredictable! And I love that saying about the Texas weather – sounds like there isn’t a dull moment in your part of the world 🙂

  6. This looks really good, especially for the cold months that await us here in New Jersey. I agree, cream makes all the difference in transforming soup from a side dish to a main course. I see the recipe calls for chicken legs, but it almost looks like chicken breasts in this picture…did you slice up the drumsticks?
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    1. Thank you so much, Sadia! Welcome to the blog.

      I’m truly impressed that you noticed the cut of meat! I cooked this recipe a couple of times – first with chicken breasts and then with chicken legs. However, I discovered that the soup tastes much better with legs, so that’s what I suggest in the recipe. But the pictures I had were from the first time that I cooked (hence the breast meat).

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