1. The last picture, unripe dates, right? Last year, someone from my area went to Saudi Arabia for Umrah Hajj. He brought such unripe dates. I ate unripe dates for the first time then and its taste was awesome.

    1. Yes, Sajib. Those are unripe dates. They are less sweeter but crunchier than ripe dates, but I prefer the ripe ones 😀

      Dates from Madinah are of superior quality, whether ripe or unripe.

    1. Then remind me, Nisa, to keep some for you when you visit us here 🙂

      Unripe dates are seasonal, but when they are in abundance it’s a beautiful sight. And all you have to do is reach out and a pluck one fresh off the tree 🙂

  2. Ohh!! Those are balah aren’t they? I remember my Grandma brought some back with her from Saudia. They were still so hard we had to keep them in a plastic bag with an overripe apple for a week though. Don’t ask why or how, but it worked! They were absolutely delicious! <3<3 mashsAllah!

    1. Yes, these are balah. Wow, I didn’t know about keeping unripe dates with an overripe apple! Now I’m really curious to try that out. If only I can get my hands on some unripe dates …

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