1. Salaam o Alaikaum 🙂

    Nice pictures 🙂 The round thing looks like a globe to me 🙂

    Take care..


    Walaikum Assalam, Roshni. Thank you! 🙂

    Yes, it maybe a globe but it doesn’t look like one 😀

  2. The building isn’t my style.

    Please don’t give it to me as an Eid gift- no, really. Urgh!

    But I thought you’d like it. I even had the blue ribbons ordered so I can start wrapping it up 😀

    But seriously though, I sometimes don’t understand the local taste in modern buildings; they seem to want to have ALL the designs in one structure.

  3. LOL @ your name on the building :-P. Think of some logo for yourself as well, you can really own this building :-P.

    Oh please NOT this building … there are other more tasteful ones that I’d like to own 🙂

  4. The first pic kind of depicts a slushy machine (the cylindrical monstrosity looks like a giant cup). It seems like Dubai will erect any gaudy skyscraper (with the exception of Burj Al Arab) just for the sake of “modernity”.

    Well, this is gaudy – and it’s not even in Dubai. Sharjah has a lot of buildings with traditional architecture, and I really love them. They just don’t have good taste in modern buildings.

  5. Amazing pictures sis.. you are doing a great job 🙂 Why don’t you do this professionally I mean set up a blog with your best pictures and sell them off na

    Oh wow, that’s really flattering, Wakas, but I don’t think my pictures are professional – yet. I’ll probably take a couple more years – and a new lens – before becoming confident enough 😀

  6. Very interesting design. I agree with Waqas Mir, in that I think your pictures are really good too; much much better than some of the stuff that gets posted to the photography forum I visit. Congrats!

    Aww, thank you, Abid! 🙂

  7. That round thing is Manager’s cubicle.

    He gets the best views of Corniche from there.


    LOL … well, except that the round thing is built in such a place (or direction) that it doesn’t get the view of corniche 😀

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