Hotel Majestic in Malacca

From the original porcelain flooring, teak-wood fittings, intricate artwork and antiques, to the finely crafted Nyonya cuisine, every aspect echoes the history of the region, and offers a beguiling journey through this enchanting heritage.

This is what The Majestic Malacca promises its guests when they visit the hotel, a mansion of 54 spacious rooms and suites. Though most part of the hotel is new, there’s an original mansion (part of the hotel) that was built in 1920.

Photographed by Anuradha Goyal

This gorgeous hotel is in Malacca—located 148 kms from Kuala Lumpur—a city that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008. Anuradha, who loved her stay at the Majestic Malacca mentions that if you open one of the pale green colored doors from any of the 54 suites, you are rewarded with views of the river and its busy watercraft plus original Malay style houses that dot the banks. And then I saw more pictures and knew I would never leave Malaysia without staying in this hotel!

Plus, the hotel offers its guests a complimentary walking tour around the 600-year-old narrow lanes of Melaka where descendants of the original migrants still continue to live – Indian populations exist in Little India, there are Chinese in Jonker Street and Portuguese in their trademark houses by the seaside.

If you would like to find out more about travelling to Malaysia, please visit the Tourism Malaysia website.


  1. ahaha, it looks like the hotel in the Ilocos Region though the pic of Hotel Majestic room above looks cleaner and newer… but from you description – view of the river and the bank – that must be a fun place to stay. when do you intend to go there, Nadia? let me know.

    btw, happy weekend… 🙂
    35andupcynicismonhold recently posted..The rain and quiet

    1. ‘San, by Ilocos, did you mean the Vigan area? I’ve been there once several years ago, and found that famous cobble-stoned path really amazing. I stayed at a friend’s house, not a hotel, so I clearly missed out on that. But I was a student on a tight budget then and clearly couldn’t afford hotel stays. But that’s OK because I didn’t also own a camera back then, so I wouldn’t have physical proof anyway 😀

      We have plans to go Malaysia next year. Let’s see…

      1. hello, Nadia… i was referring to Vigan and Laoag, both are interesting and historical places in the North. yes, the cobblestone street, Calle Crisologo. you could imagine, there were people that rich already 400 years ago, in the Phils., no less. they say that was the millionaire’s row, back then… the beds inside the old houses are huge, elaborate and look really expensive, hahaha.

        and did you notice, their salas or living rooms are wide as in wide and they apply floor wax to high heavens, lol. i suppose, old rich Filipino families then were living high, like their counterparts in Europe… btw, i really like the beams of those old houses and buildings – so intricately designed…

        hey, i have an old post about our Ilocos trip. it was actually a satire piece on the really small plane that took us there, hahaha. here –

        hope things are okey. keep well… 🙂
        35andupcynicismonhold recently posted..Taking the time to thank these lovely people

        1. OMG, you mentioned the floor wax, haha! You know, when I saw those salas and their impeccably polished floors, I was like, “Good thing I live in a small house for I can NOT make lampaso to death in those wide rooms!” 😀

          Love the architecture of houses in the Philippines back then, very Spanish. They have this elegant and romantic look.

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