A Conversation that Started with Glade® Air Infusions®

We had a very tiring day yesterday:  worked until 4 am, attended a seminar, stayed at work until 9 pm, went out for dinner, did the mandatory weekly grocery shopping, put them away neatly once we’re home, and configured the new modem we bought for our wireless internet connection.  Well that part Masood did alone.  Oh, and we also checked emails.

By 2 am we were both in bed, recited the dua, switched the lights off, exchanged I-love-yous, and went to sleep.

Except that I remembered something.

Getting out from bed, I heard Masood’s voice, heavy with sleep, “Kiya huwa?  Where are you going?”

“Oh, I just remembered something,” I answered back, switching the lights back on.

I went over to grab the new can of air freshener that we had just bought.  It’s called the Glade® Air Infusions® that uses UltraLast® technology to infuse the air with fragrance that lasts up to 1 hour.  It also claims to “eliminate odors and freshen the air with a subtle blend of natural scents that invite you in and leave your home smelling fresh.”

So I sprayed the room with Glade® Air Infusions® that uses UltraLast® technology, switched the lights off, and went back to bed.

Me: I wanted to check if it indeed lasts for an hour.

Him: Hmm, that smells good.

Me: Yes, it does.  And I just sprayed so little!

Him: Ahan.

Me: You don’t believe me?

Him: Of course I believe you.  What makes you think otherwise?

Me: You just said, “Ahan”.

Him: ……..

Me: So that means you are in doubt.

Him: When I’m in doubt I remain quiet.

Me: No, when you are quiet, that means you are ignoring me.

Him: ………

Me: I’d rather have you ignoring me than doubting me.

Him: ………..

Me: …………

Me: I take that back.   I do NOT want you to either ignore me or doubt me.

Him: I do not ignore you, and neither do I doubt you.

Me: *felt happy from within and had laddus bursting in my heart*

Him: I love you.

Me: Oh, I love you too!

30 minutes later, Masood is almost asleep.

Me: Can you still smell it?

Him: Hmmm.

Me: How long do you think it has been since I’d sprayed?

Him: Maybe half an hour.

Me: Do you think the scent has faded though?

Him: zzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. oh women………. :p

    We’re sweet na? By the way, there’s this saying that goes: “Women get the last word in every argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.” ~ Author Unknown (he prefers it that way) 😀

  2. Is this usual or you are this annoying after working long hours, lol!

    PS. I act weird too after 14+ waking hours.

    This is my usual annoying self 🙂

  3. LOL this reminds me of my sis…she was completely ticked off when she realised her husband had fallen asleep while she’s been prattling on for ages oblivious…he had a long day. 🙂

      1. Well, I guess men are like that. They sleep the moment their wife starts talking. When I complained to Masood, he told me, “Your voice is as soothing as a lullaby; it relaxes me so much I can’t help not fall asleep.” 😀

        And no, we can’t tell whether it lasted for an hour because sleep took over.

  4. I found this post really amusing and delightful honestly. There are still people around us who can enjoy lil things in life unlike me whose life story is “A man walks into a bar. He has a few drinks and chats with the bartender. Later that night, he goes home alone and reflects on the poor decisions he’s made in life.”

    Thanks for filling my soul with happiness.

  5. what a patience….ur husband has high patience to be a part of unnecessary conversation when he was about to sleep…. 😀
    but nice understanding of each other, smells good 🙂

    But you know, if you ask him, he’ll tell you right away that there is no “unnecessary conversation” between him and his wife. I don’t know where he gets that level of patience, but he does and he’s sweet like that. MashaAllah.

    And besides, no human being can come with interesting conversations ALL the time 😀

  6. Hahahaha, that’s awesome 😀 😀

    I love the way you write; you had me cracking up with laughter (at office, shhhh now!)!

    Shhhh indeed! Ghar jaake parha karo mere posts 😀

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