A Few More Photographs Before Heading Into the Forest

Picture #1: This was taken while we were walking in one of the parks in Ooty …

Picture #2: Walking up towards the highest peak. We took the bus all the way up, then walked for 20 minutes or so to reach the top. This picture is blurry, since I was panting. And no, we didn’t bring the tripod; carrying ourselves was a task in itself.

Picture #3: This was taken at the Botanical Garden, a really beautiful place with several varieties of flora. There are hundred-year-old trees here. Also, I almost slipped in the ladies’ room, which was so dark that it took me a while to figure out where things were.

Picture #4: At Doddabetta – the highest peak in South India at 8,600+ feet above sea level. Max temperature is 19 °C and min is 0 °C.

Picture #4: A family, who is probably tired of tourists taking their pictures.  Masood was worried that they’d snatch my camera and run away …

This was taken while we were walking in one of the parks in Ooty.


  1. They are beautiful! Reminds me of Nathiagali and Bhurban in Pakistan’s Northern Areas.

    The photography, as always, superb 🙂

  2. Nadia,

    Beautiful pictures. Love the picture of the quaint little buildings from the colonial times.. ‘doddabetta’ in Kannada (a language spoken in neighboring Karnataka) literally means ‘big hill’…

  3. ‘liya, LavenderClouds, Specs, and Masood — thank you so much! 🙂

    Shubha — I didn’t know that! Thanks for the info. Doddabetta is the perfect name for that hill 🙂

    1. Smiley, I am really amazed at how the people of Ooty have worked hard to maintain their gardens and parks. And I am trying to imagine how this same place would look and feel like in winter – they say it snowed a little last year.

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