A Hundred Days

winter in fujairah

This picture portrays the current state of my blog: the clouds of despondency and dilly-dallying have finally parted, giving way to rays of fresh ardency and vigor which, I truly hope, would last for a long, long time.

A Hundred Days

Yes, that’s how long it has been since I have last published a post. It wasn’t the lack of time, but rather insufficient inspiration that caused a pause in this blog. First, one-by-one, my family left the UAE to settle in different countries. Dubai is not the same without them; it feels terribly lonely, and I needed time to adjust.

purple flowers

We flew to Hyderabad two months ago to celebrate my first Eid-al-Adha in India. We stayed there for a month, but my application for personal leave got rejected (busy days at work) so I ended up working anyway. Upon returning to the UAE, we got the unfortunate news that Masood’s younger brother needed to undergo a cardiac procedure. This news was devastating for the family, and we made immediate plans to return to Hyderabad. Sadly, due to visa issues, I couldn’t travel. My in-laws advised Masood not to travel without me, and assured to keep in touch with us.

orange flowers

Masood’s brother underwent the cardiac procedure a few days ago, and by Allah’s Grace, it turned out quite well, and he is now recovering at home today. So many kind and generous people, both family and friends, have extended their support and made dua for this trying time. We are humbled by everyone’s love and care.

roses in dubai

Given the current circumstances, we chose to cancel our travel plans for another time, and since this blog is mainly about travel, I didn’t feel inspired to write. Plus, there’s just so much horrendous, deplorable things happening all over the world …

To lighten the mood, Masood surprised me with flowers one evening. After a rather stressful day at work, I opened the door to the passenger side of our car to find a lovely bouquet lying on the seat! Isn’t he just amazing? Masha’Allah. I mean, his only brother recently underwent such a delicate surgical procedure and he couldn’t be there for him because he had to stay with me, and yet he’s the one making the effort to cheer up the mood.

white flowers

Photoshoot in Fujairah

car in fujairah

We drove to the Fujairah to take pictures of Masood’s toy cars. It’s been so long since we last embarked on a long-drive. It’s usually my sisters who make impromptu plans about driving out-of-town, and now, without them and my in-laws around, it felt strange driving with just the two of us.

Fortunately, the drive to Fujairah is never boring, thanks to the interesting sights and fascinating views along the way.

ferrari in fujairah

bicycle in Fujairah

desert of sharjah

sands of arabia

mountains of arabia

road to fujairah

town in fujairah

masjid in Fujairah

We then parked near a beach to take a stroll and photograph Masood’s cars. The weather is amazing this time of the year. Winter in the middle east means it is time to head outdoors, spend time in the parks, swim in the warm ocean, shop at the farmer’s market for home-grown, organic produce, enjoy BBQs, and head over to the Global Village in the evening!

car in fujairah





Photoshoot in Jumeirah

Having had great fun shooting in Fujairah, we decided to head back to the beach for another photoshoot of the cars. This time, we chose a beach that’s closer to home.

dubai roads

boat in jumairah




In the picture above, you get a glimpse of the red, hop-on hop-off bus. So Masood was busy setting up his toys and was occupied with trying to determine the various angles with which to take the pictures,  and then this red bus came along. The tourists were fascinated with what Masood was doing and even took pictures of him taking pictures of his toys!




There was even a party being set-up at the beach, and it was beautiful!


However, what happens during a beach wedding photoshoot is less than glamorous. There are too many people gawking, random strangers taking your photographs (including moi), and the wind and sand slowing wrecking havoc to the bride’s coiffed hair and expensive gown.


Back to the cars …






Happy 44th National Day, UAE!


You’ve given us beautiful, glorious memories to cherish our entire lives.

To the UAE and its people, thank you!



  1. I loved every pic.. your guy has a very lovely collection of toys and the shots are simply awesome..
    my prayers for your brother in law..may he get well soon..
    Hope you have a great time at UAE

  2. It’s always a nice break from my hectic day at work whenever your blog has an update. You, Masood and your respective families are always in our prayers. I am glad to hear that Masood’s brother’s treatment turned out to be fine. Alhamdulillah!!

    As far as your family settling in other parts of the world, well consider this to be an opportunity for you to explore newer places and take your viewers along with you to those places as well 🙂 There’s always a silver lining somewhere, even though it may not be visibly apparent at first.

    Salaam to you and Masood..! 🙂

    1. Walaikum assalam from both of us!

      I’m so delighted that you’re still a regular reader of this blog despite the author’s long absence! Yes, the younger brother is recovering well, alhumdulillah, but please continue making dua for him because the cardio-thoracic surgeon first told us that he needs two surgeries. The first surgery turned out very well, by Allah’s Grace and everyone’s dua, and the surgeon said he might not need the second surgery, insha’Allah … but we’ll know for sure after two weeks or so, depending on his condition and improvement.

      As far as my family is concerned, I’ll be visiting my sister who is settled in New Jersey sometime early next year, insha’Allah, and I’m very excited about that! You are right – them settling in other places will give me more excuses to travel 🙂

      Have a great week!

  3. So happy to hear your brother-in-law is doing well after such an intense treatment. May Allah give him Shifaa. And yay! Glad you’re back, I have missed your posts so much. Your pictures as always make me so happy.

    1. Ameen! Please continue keeping us in your duas as he recovers from this difficult time.

      I’m SO glad you’re still around to read my posts. Thank you!

      I hope you have a lovely week ahead of you!

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