1. Sajib, thank you!

    Behbood, it was Masood who took all the pictures because I was driving. Well, except for that camel picture; we were parked at the gas station so I took that. The Filipino guy refilling our tank suggested that I put that as profile picture in Facebook.

    1. Dannish, this post is proof of my laziness. Also, I find it difficult to caption pictures that aren’t taken by me. I don’t know why. But maybe I’m just trying to justify my laziness 😀

      Welcome the blog!

  2. Nice pictures MashAllah baji ….. looks like even masood bhai has learnt a bit of photography from you … even i need to get ready for my classes once i come down 🙂

  3. The palm trees look beautiful being so close to the roads.Malaysia has plantations full of them on either side of the highway too.Loved them as there’s nothing like trees to cool our eyes!

    Just want to ask,what does Ain mean? I’m fascinated with city and road names.Here you can find historical names of all races all over the place but not in other countries who have names particular to their culture.

    I esp like the sculptures.They somewhat look like teapots and incense holders :)Sorry if I got it wrong!

    1. Lat, palm trees are beautiful indeed! They’re pleasing to the eyes, specially out here in the desert.

      Al Ain literally means ‘The Spring’ – it’s the coolest and greenest city in the U.A.E.

      And you got it right; those sculptures are of teapots (actually a traditional coffee pot) and incense holder 🙂

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