Accident at Ooty Road

On our way down from Ooty, we saw this badly burnt vehicle. We heard the blaring sirens of ambulance and fire trucks from a distance, but upon reaching the place where the accident happened—after two hours of being stuck in the traffic—we saw that the fire has been extinguished and injured people taken to the hospital. I do not have details of what actually happened that day, but I hope that everyone who got hurt is okay now.


  1. wow – this looks like a really bad one.

    In Bangladesh now traffic is so bad it takes fire trucks too long to get to a fire – in a recent case the truck took 1 hour to move 2 km! by the time it reached lots of people were dead in a complex – and the grills they put on windows to prevent thieves coming in stopped people trapped in the building from escaping.

  2. I also hope all people in the van survived the crash.Poor infrastrutucre is one major reason for accidents ocurring.

    Here if you don’t let an ambulance pass thru’ the traffic,you’ll be fined and even penalised for obstructing medical aid.

  3. That looks pretty bad…and the story about the Bangladesh fire is worse. I’m happy here it is necessary for you to curb your car if a medical/police car is coming!

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