AIDAdiva, The Pretty German Ship

Au fait, j’ai 26 ans. Je suis une femme très sexy et séduisante. Comme escort paris, je peux dire que les corps des hommes qui me touchent sont généralement aux quatre coins du plaisir. Si j’ai besoin de donner des informations plus détaillées, je peux dire que je suis grand et mince. J’ai des lignes aussi agiles qu’une danseuse du ventre. Je sens le goût de presque tous les hommes qui me touchent sur mon palais. Parce que mon corps n’est pas couvert de graisse, les touches des hommes se répandent comme une vague chaude sur tout mon corps.



Her bright red lips catches my attention immediately. We are about to get into the car and head towards Qantab; instead, we remain where we are—at the Muttrah Corniche—camera in hand, ready to take pictures of this German beauty, who is gracefully sailing towards us.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you AIDAdiva…


Built in 2007 AIDAdiva is one of the several ships that form AIDA Cruises, a cruise line based in Rostock, Germany. Their ships cater to the German-speaking market and are renowned for their youthful style and casual service.

AIDAdiva costs approximately €315m, weighs 69,200 tons (I can’t even imagine how heavy that is), can carry 2,050 passengers, and has 646 crew members. Besides the cabins and luxury suites, the ship has a spa and fitness facility to burn off all the calories one might pile up after dining buffet-style. To give its customers a vacation-like feel, the spa area is decorated with palm trees, cabana-style beds, hammocks and a large Jacuzzi. The fitness facility allows one to play golf and volleyball.

For entertainment the ship offers a huge theater, TV studio and all those non-halal stuff.

“To address the problem of cooking smells emanating from the galley and the removal of waste gases, the Aida Diva features oxytec air purification systems, which use a UVC/ozone cleaning system (using a photolytic oxidation process).” (source)

Whatever that is.


Naturally when AIDAdiva comes closer, I take pictures of the people on the deck. And the people aboard AIDAdiva took ours. There is an exchange of a series of flashes.


I’ve traveled by ship countless times since I was a baby. Whenever the family visited the Philippines, traveling by sea was a must (considering that the country is an archipelago, made up of 7,107 islands). But I’d never been on a luxury liner before. AIDA cruise is currently in Dubai, but there’s no use spending so much money (cheapest ticket I saw online costs almost €750) when I know they’ll take me back to Muscat anyway. Perhaps some other time. Maybe when I take Masood to the Philippines for a vacation someday, inshaAllah.

Have you been on a cruise aboard a luxury liner?


  1. Well I don’t know if I went aboard a luxury liner.It’s definitely not as big as the AIDA.It mostly had all facilities from Casinos,spa,games arcade,pool,basketball court,cabins etc but no swimming pools and that was dissappointing to me.Anyway I found out that I can get sea-sick easily 🙂 My brain waves seem to detact the constant movments of ship all the time.How am I suppose to relax in this state 🙂

    Philipines is an awesome country! And I do find the men and women actors very beautiful! 😀

    1. Lat, having a pool on the deck is part of what makes a ship ‘luxurious’ 😀 Sorry to hear about the seasickness; it’s not fun to travel by sea if that happens.

      Philippines is a nice place. It’s not just safe (you can lose your valuables in a blink of an eye). Certain parts of the country are breathtakingly beautiful! I’d love to show Masood those places someday.

  2. Of all the diverse experiences, I’ve traveled on a ferry in Malaysia and enjoyed a marine cruise in Thailand on a boat. Must be worth much fun taking such a cruise and then you make it ‘appear’ so enticing :)!

    1. Hello Delirium! Both Malaysia and Thailand must be a great place for boat rides. And I’m sure they have several luxury liners options as well. And as a blogger, one has to make every trip enticing and memorable. We can’t publish a post that reads very much like a personal diary (e.g., I woke up, showered, then have breakfast, then called my family back home, etc) 😀

  3. my uncle goes on cruise all the time…its amazing how tiny we may look in front of a ship this big! awesome piece Nadia! my future travelling partner . hehe

    1. Thank you, Pervisha, my future traveling partner and colleague 😀

      Does your uncle travel for business or pleasure? Each cruise trip takes a few days, so must be really tiring to be constantly traveling that way, unless it’s something you truly love.

  4. how wonderful. I like what you say about the exchange of flashes about the passengers taking your picture and you taking theirs 🙂 Classic. Oman is so beautiful, I lived there for a couple of years and the muttrah corniche is a favourite 🙂

  5. I read it as AID-A-Diva at first, but this diva doesnt seem to need any aid 😛
    What a pretty and feminine ship!
    Never had the chance to board a cruise ship before, I’m sure it would be a great experience, living and travelling on the vast ocean for a few days! But honeslty I’d rather spend the money relaxing and roaming on a resort island or something 😀

    1. AID-A-Diva:D Haha! You are so funny, Nisa!

      If you travel on a luxury liner, you don’t simply live on the ship. You’ll get to explore different places because the ship will have several ‘stopovers’ along the way. Which resort island? Main bhi aati houn!

  6. hello! the first pic looks almost like an illusion, huh? it’s as though i just imagined it, hihi… i hope i could take pictures at least 1/4 as good as you do… :s

    i like this post. don’t/won’t you have like button in the site, huh? 🙂

    1. Hello, dpsa! Thank you so much. Yes, you can take even better pictures! Photography, like cooking, requires practice and patience 😀

      I see a ‘like’ button towards the end of the post, right below the ‘related posts’ link, but I’m not sure if it works. It will probably require an additional plugin installed, and more plugins could slower down the loading time of this site, so I’ll think about it 😀

  7. I’ve been on liners between Germany and Sweden, Germany and Finland and France to England. Big ships but this seems like a whole diffirent caliber.

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