Al Dawaar – Dubai’s Only Revolving Restaurant

Photo from Trip Advisor

The restaurant is located on the roof top of Hyatt Regency Dubai with spectacular views of the blue sea, the creek and the city. Al Dawaar offers an international buffet featuring dishes from European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Japanese cuisines.

Hyatt Regency is one of the oldest hotels in the country and is a famous landmark. This is my first revolving restaurant experience so I got pretty excited when my colleagues chose this place.

revolving restaurant in Dubai

The moment we entered into the elevator, I could smell the ocean. What I’m trying to say is that I could smell seafood, and it’s quite strong so I wish they’d done something about that.

I’d forgotten all about the smell the moment I stepped into the restaurant. We opted to have lunch so that we could enjoy the view. And it was totally worth it!

Jeff and Marina write about their experience:

The only other revolving restaurant we have ever been to is SkyCity at the top of the Seattle Space Needle, and while it is impressive and sure does spin, there is a time limit on the tables and a minimum you have to spend. That, mixed with the throng of tourists left us wanting a bit more, and we found it at Al Dawaar.

That’s right – in Al Dawaar, there’s no time limit on the tables or a minimum amount that you need to spend, plus there’s no queue. Although it’s always wise to call and book ahead.

al damar




The lunch buffet at Al Dawaar is impressive. Unlike most of the five-star buffets in the country, there isn’t a ridiculous and overwhelming number of dishes to choose from. The selection is decent, but the chefs made sure the food they prepare is fresh and delicious.

















Just looking at these photographs make me want to dine at Al Dawaar again! I really love how fresh everything tasted.

Oh, and I also saw the Shindagha Tunnel from above for the first time! You see, in 1975 a crossing was dug out of the Dubai Creek, thereby connecting Bur Dubai and Deira. It covers a distance of 1,640 feet and serves as an important link used by around 55,000 vehicles everyday. The tunnel has a total of four lanes (two in each direction), a height clearance of 5 meters and speed is limited at 60 km/h.

I’ve driven through this tunnel multiple times, but it was hard for me to imagine that this tunnel is underwater. From the moment your vehicle enters the tunnel until the time you emerge from the other end, you don’t see even a glimpse of the creek.



And here’s the entry/exit view of Shindagha Tunnel from Al Dawaar restaurant:


I highly recommended having lunch at Al Dawaar restaurant for their great food, excellent service, and amazing views.

25th Floor, Hyatt Regency Dubai
Deira Corniche, Dubai

Open Daily / 25th floor

Complimentary valet parking available.

Lunch – 12:30pm to 3:30pm / AED 185 per person for food only
Dinner – 6:30pm to 12:00 midnight / AED 235 per person for food only
Friday Brunch – 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm


  1. Have to try it next time I am there, iA. Although this has now become the less bustling part of Dubai. There used to be a Al Hamriya fish market near by, is it still there?

    How was the sea food? Do they have Sultan Ibrahim, do you know?

    1. Mezba, there’s a fish market nearby but looks like they’re moving it to a new place. The seafood is good (fresh, not spicy). They offer the catch of the day, so it’s different each day. They didn’t have Sultan Ibrahim when I went there.

  2. I haven’t tried dining at a revolving restaurant although if I remember it right, our hometown (Dagupan City) used to have a five-star hotel with revolving restaurant which was a first in Northern Luzon. Haha just remembered you also had fun memories in Dagupan 🙂

    1. Mica, you are right! Was it Dayat Revolving Restaurant? Oh, I also don’t remember. I’ll have to check now that you’ve mentioned it!

  3. I’ve been to Al Dawaar restaurant before and I really loved their food and service. I went on a Thursday night last summer, the views from above were spectacular! I truly enjoyed dining with them. Thank you Nadia for sharing your review and beautiful pictures.

    1. Thank you for visiting the blog, Laila! I should try dinner at Al Dawaar then and see how the view is like at night when the moon is full!

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