1. San, it’s a crime to eat chicken karahai with rice 😀

          It should always be eaten with what we call tandoori roti or naan decked with sesame seeds.

  1. Does Indian restaurants usually serve “halal meat” food? or only specific ones do? Just curious to know.
    From photos, I am liking Karim’s food more.

    1. Raheel, not all Indian restaurants serve halal food. We’re picky in New Delhi and Mumbai, for example, eating meat only in Muslim restaurants, otherwise we prefer vegetarian meals. It’s much convenient in Hyderabad – halal food is everywhere. Also, I recently learned that all non-veg restaurants in Kerala serve halal meat.

  2. You are killing two birds with one stone here Nadia..! One is the awareness of good food in various locations in India and second – giving your readers advices on what to eat for iftaar now that Ramadan is less than a month away.. 🙂

    LAGE RAHO!! 🙂
    Behbood recently posted..When you feel proud to be a parent

    1. Hello, Behbood. Well, what can I say…Indian food deserves the publicity 🙂

      I didn’t think about the iftaar thing…but you’ve given me an idea. I’ll probably post about food the entire month of Ramadan 😀


  3. Mmmm….yum yum! Interesting talk about butching there 🙂 I wonder how much is Rs 500 rupees..mmm.Btw,i cooked your prawn dish and Husband and Sons Co. gave the thumbs up! Just when I tried posting the pics,my notebook is not coperating! I’ll put it up soon and thank you so much for the recipe! Of course my prawns were decapitated before cooking and still taste great 🙂 Thank God!

    1. Lat, Rs 500 is equivalent to SGD 13 or 14.

      I’m glad to know the prawns turned out great. But the main reason, I’m 100% sure, is that you are a good cook 🙂

      Looking forward to the pictures!

  4. Food : Very Bad {containing human hair}
    Service : Bad
    Ambiance : Bad

    Now a days I am trying new restaurants for their specialists so last night i went to Al Jawahar at Jama Masjid. We were 3 friends and ordered one mutton biryani, one Roghan Josh, and one Mutton Korma. We were exited at that time because we have heard about this restaurant, but our excitement went away when have to wait for half an hour for the food (and the restaurant was empty (at 9:30 PM)!!!) Ok, then our came to our table. Wow looking good, smelling good but when we started eating… mhmm what a waste!!! The food was total waste. Nor it was prepared with care (as food was containing human hair also cattle hair were their). The attitude of waiters was terrible. I would personally recommend to everyone never to visit this restaurant.

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, Vikas. Sorry to hear about your bad experience at Al Jawahar. Did you notify the management and give them feedback about your unpleasant experience? If you did, I hope they take it seriously and improve themselves.

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