Bait Misk: Lebanese Restaurant at the Fisherman’s Harbour in Jumeirah



This quaint Lebanese restaurant is located in the Fisherman’s Harbour in Jumeira 1, a place that is a pain to locate for those who are unfamiliar with the area, such us ourselves. But the food is totally worth the drive!

Bait Misk opened sometime late last year, although I have never heard or read about it until two weeks ago. But then Dubai is home to a gazillion restaurants, with probably a dozen new ones opening up each month. It’s hard to keep track!

I came to know about Bait Misk whilst searching online for a good Lebanese restaurant. My newly wed sister and her husband came for a short trip and we wanted them to try something different. The pictures and reviews on the restaurant’s Facebook page look promising so we decided to give it a try.

The Ambiance:

The building that houses Bait Misk is called the Gourmet Souq. Bait Misk shares this building with three other restaurants, all of them colorful and gorgeously decorated. Bait Misk appears to be like an Arabian tent from within, complete with brick walls, a few pieces of antiques, and lamps.

We made dinner reservation for 11 people on a Sunday evening and requested for an outdoor seating arrangement. The weather was delightfully pleasant, and while waiting for our guests, Masood and I explored the quaint harbour and the parked yachts that were swaying with the water.

I would definitely suggest this place for a romantic date, preferably during sunset.

The Service:

From the moment we arrived at Bait Misk until the time that we left, completely satiated and happy, the staff treated us like VIP guests. I could not find a fault with regard to service. Everyone was polite, courteous, smiling, and knowledgeable.


I would like to specially mention this gentleman who was in charge of your table. His name is Ali and he’s simply the best. Everyone at the table appreciated his polite and friendly manners. He knew the food very well and made excellent suggestions. He made us feel like we’re guests at his home.

Thank you so much, Ali!

The Food:

I can only say this: The food served at Bait Misk is the best we’ve had in the UAE. Everything was served warm, fresh, and flavorful. Everyone at the table were highly satisfied with the meal. I highly recommend the following:


Fattoush – Cucumber and tomato salad, fresh herbs, olive oil, vinegar, pomegranate sauce, and toasted Arabic bread. AED 24

Hummus – Velvety puree of freshly boiled chickpeas and tahina sauce. AED 22


Chicken Wings – Grilled chicken wings brushed with coriander, lemon and garlic sauce. AED 26


Grilled Hamour Fillet – Marinated in lemon and garlic and then charcoal grilled. Served with melt-in-your-mouth mashed potato and assorted grilled vegetables. AED 79

Now, while I normally do not purchase or order the endangered hamour, I had to make an exception here for my seafood-loving mother. I was disappointed to learn that Bait Misk does not serve any other kind of fish.

Not shown in the pictures (but you must order when you visit):

Grilled Lamb Chops – AED 75

Shish Taouk – Chicken cubes marinated in garlic and lemon. AED 59


Fresh fruit platter, AED 24

Mouhalabiyah – Classic Arabic milk, sugar and rosewater pudding. AED 22

Umm Ali – Puff pastry with fresh milk, raisin and pistachio. AED 24

Kunafa bil Jiben – Kunafa dough with white sweet cheese and pistachio. AED 24


Halawa bin Jaben – Rolls of sweet cheese with pistachio and sugar syrup. AED 24

I must say that although I am not fond of desserts, Bait Misk has awaken my sweet tooth. Everything was so delicious!

Bait Misk

If you’re craving for some good and authentic Arabic food, then head straight to this restaurant. There wasn’t a dish that we did not like. The bread, by the way, arrived fresh from the oven (both white and brown types). They also give you garlic paste and chili paste, but the grilled meat is flavorful enough to not require these condiments.

Lots of free parking available, which is a plus.

Cons: The place is difficult to locate. The water (from Spain) is overpriced.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.10.59 AM

Bait Misk
Fishing Harbour, Jumeira 1
Opening Hours: 9 AM – 11:30 PM
Phone: (04) 343 7332


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