Barbecue Delights

Barbeque Delights

Barbecue Delights is a casual dining restaurant that offers a variety of Pakistani, Afghani, and North Indian inspired cuisine. It’s one of my favorites! So when Masood and I were invited to try out their new branch at Downtown Dubai, we said yes immediately.

Founded 9 years ago in Dubai, Barbecue Delights proudly claims to be the first restaurant to introduce the concept of an affordable and quality south Asian Barbecue restaurant in a casual dining environment.

You can tell how good a restaurant is by the number of locals dining in it. Visit Barbecue Delights during dinner (specially on weekends!) and see Pakistanis, Indians and Afghanis tucking delightfully into curries and kababs. We had dinner on Friday at their new Downtown Dubai branch, and three tables were occupied by Filipinos.

BBQ Delights Dubai

The cuisine is based on the traditional style of charcoal based cooking, with a focus on pure and high quality ingredients and aromatic spices. So even if you see steak or fish and chips on the menu, you’d rather order their fish kabab or chicken malai tikka for a change (specially if it’s your first time to try these grilled items).

The Downtown branch at Clarens building offers dinner buffet every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 75 dirham per person.


the salad bar at barbeque delights

  • Hummus — traditional Arab chick pea with olive oil (my favorite!)
  • Moutabel —  a spicy Lebanese dip made from eggplant. It’s garlicky, roasted, and  contains pomegranate arils and sumac (I love this one too)
  • Tabouleh — parsley and bulgar wheat salad.
  • Raita — yoghurt dip seasoned with roasted cumin, coriander and mint leaves.
  • Fresh Garden Salad — fresh, crisp seasonal vegetables.


Falsa Juice

Barbecue Delights offers a variety of fresh juices to choose from, like fresh lime with mint, kiwi, peach, and orange juice.  But since you’re in a Pakistani restaurant try to order something special like a mango or strawberry lassi.

I had the falsey ka sherbat, which was really good and refreshing.

Main Course:

crispy prawns
Jumbo prawns (that tasted really fresh!) deep-fried in a crispy batter. Usually served with french fries and hot sauce.
afghani naan
Kandhari Naan – an Afghani naan bread topped with sesame seeds. Fresh out the oven and onto our table. It’s so huge, 2-3 people can share one bread easily. You can also opt for Roghani Naan which is brushed with butter.
qeema naan
Naan stuffed with meat. I wasn’t too crazy about this because the taste of mutton is too strong, but that’s my opinion. If you are a hardcore carnivore, go for this.
qubuli pulao
Kabuli Pulao, an absolute delight! Long-grained and fragrant basmati rice cooked to perfection with chick peas and brown onions, garnished with almonds, raisins, and grated carrots. We preferred this over biryani.
chicken qorma
Chicken Qorma, cooked in the traditional spicy yoghurt sauce. Taste is mild and buttery. For some reason, this qorma went really well with the kabuli pulao.
palak paneer
Palak Paneer – A purée of spinach and tomato. This dish is mildly spiced and topped with chunks of cottage cheese. I wasn’t a big fan of this, mainly because I make my cottage cheese at home and I prefer that.
zeera aloo
Aloo zeera – a simple and delicate potato curry with cumin which I absolutely loved.


Must-Try New Items on the Menu:

nile perch
They call this “Green Fish”. I was afraid it was the endangered hammour, but thankfully this is the Nile Perch. Plus points for Barbecue Delights! This fish is grilled and very tender. Goes really well with sweet and tangy ginger chutney.
gola kabab
Gola kabab – lean mutton minced and marinated with green chilies, coriander and onion. Served with tamarind sauce.
achari tikka
Achari chicken tikka – oh how I love thee! This is my latest favorite in barbecue items. If you are at Barbecue Delights, do not forget to order this.



desserts in barbeque delights
The buffet includes strawberry jelly, cream caramel, custard, shahi tukrey, chocolate cake, almond kheer, halwa, and assorted fruits.
shahi tukrey
Shahi tukrey – traditional dessert that is bread soaked in a sweet cardamom milk, then topped with slivers of pistachio.
ice cream at barbecue delights
These are homemade ice creams and although all flavors were good, we absolutely loved the chikoo!



chaikashmiri tea

On the left is your regular “doodh patti” tea. And on the right is the Kashmiri Tea that is a pretty shade of light pink but somehow turned brown in the photograph. I like how they serve the tea with no sugar at all, but give you regular sugar and sugar-free sachet on your table.  We liked the Kashmiri tea better than the regular tea.

Overall Impression:


Barbecue Delights in Downtown Dubai is a great place to go if you’re craving for some really good yet not-too-spicy Pakistani /Afghani barbecue items. Service is great and the food arrives on your table warm and wait time isn’t much.

barbeque delights emaar blvd

Dinner buffet is available on Thurdays, Fridays and Saturdays for Dh75 per head. There’s also a Friday breakfast buffet between 9 am and boon at Dh50

Restaurant Timings:

Lunch:12:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm – 12:30 am

Clarens Building,
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard,
Downtown Dubai

Tel: 04 4343443
Mobile: 056 3423292

Barbecue Delights website & Facebook.


  1. hello, Nadia… wow! what a dining experience you must have had… the food and drinks look really good and delicious. i think i’d vote this is one of my faves among your food posts, ahaha. 🙂

    i’d like to eat there, true. the place looks maaliwalas, well-lighted and the food do not look heavy, even as it’s buffet, you say? and it isn’t very pricey, it seems… ah, you do know where to eat. 🙂

    and you make your own cottage cheese! that must be the reason why you can’t paint (your artistry is somewhere else), ahaha. cottage cheese is masarap. 😉

    hope you are loved and kept… warm regards 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, ‘San!

      The food doesn’t look too heavy because I didn’t pile it up high on my plate 😉 I wanted to try as many dishes that I could and that meant simply tasting each item. We still ended up stuffed – but very happy!

      I don’t see the connection of my lack in painting skills with cottage cheese making, haha! You are so funny. Believe me, it is so easy to make cottage cheese, I ten-year-old will be able to do it effortlessly. Perhaps I should write a post on that someday.

      1. hello, Nadia… am glad for you for that dining experience. yes, have a taste of each rather than gorge (haha) yourself with only a few good-tasting dishes. am glad for you. btw, iisipin ko na lang, isinama mo ‘ko, haha.

        but there is a connection, my dear. 😉 look, your sister who paints excellently does not do her own cottage cheese, right? she probably believes it is easy, as you say. but then, she’d rather taste the cheese you made or get it from the supermarket, see? you should ponder on that, ahaha. hey, thanks for coming over and leaving comments. happy midweek. 🙂

        1. Yep, can’t gorge when one’s intention is to review the restaurant 😉

          The sister who paints only makes toast and eggs, mwah ha ha. She still heavily relies on Mom for food.

  2. The food is great with big selection menu. I have visited their 2 outlets in Downtown & Bur Juman. The staff is too courteous.

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