Boston’s Clouds, Changing Foliage, and Farmers’ Market

bridge in boston

The clouds hang low in Boston; it is as if you can stretch out your arm and grab a handful of these fluffy, cotton-candy like mass of liquid droplets.

Having lived in the U.A.E. for almost seven years now, I had almost forgotten how thick, heavy clouds look like. Here, we get a few of those beautiful, fat clouds during the cooler months – and they are far, far away in the sky.

fall in boston

The leaves on the trees had just begun to change their colors, and it was such a beautiful sight. And I haven’t even seen the complete transformation yet! My mom has experienced several seasons of fall while living in Japan, and I would listen to her describe this changing fall foliage with great interest.

central boston in fall

Not one to buy made-in-China souvenirs when traveling abroad (I have absolutely nothing against those who do, really), I brought home a couple of bright-red maple leaves instead. I have them carefully tucked in layers of newspapers, and they’re now here in the U.A.E. to remind me of my first fall. I think I’ll have them framed.

birds feeding

My neighbor back in Waltham has this bird feeder right outside her kitchen window. It became a habit for me to glance across the street towards her house to see how many birds came in that morning as I walk to work.

During my last week in the U.S., I attached a zoom lens to the camera and started taking pictures of the birds. A couple of minutes later, I saw the lady of the house walk into the kitchen and towards the window. I’m sure I looked very suspicious with the big camera and the zoom lens, and the hijab (plus the fact that I’m not even a regular resident of the neighborhood). But the lovely lady waved and smiled at me.

boston tunnel

The tunnel in Boston with its very orange lights – where the navigation system loses its signal and then you’re left to decide for yourself which exact exit to take to reach your destination. And it’s almost always the wrong exit. Not that we got lost or anything. What possibly made you think that?

cafe francesca boston

I am fascinated by the display of those fresh-looking lobsters on a wooden boat filled with ice! Also known as Villa Francesca, this Italian restaurant is located in Boston’s North End,Β on a side street just off of Hanover.

People rave about this restaurant’s fettuccine con gamberetti. And since I feel like Italians tend to add wine in almost every dish, we hardly dined in these restaurants. Perhaps we could have requested them not to add alcohol, but then why go through the trouble. I can have all my Italian cravings easily satisfied here in the U.A.E.

I also took that picture because I thought the flowers looked very pretty.

boston market


tomatoes in the market



I love the farmers’ market! In this particular market in Boston, I noticed that the market is filled with 80% Asian people.

Here in the U.A.E. I mostly shop from a supermarket located within a gigantic mall. But when the weather gets cooler, I hope to get the chance to shop from a farmers’ market. We do get a lot of local produce. We also get a lot of fruits and vegetables from the neighboring country Oman, as well as from India and Pakistan.

Back in Boston, I never bought much from the market. Masood, the wonderful person that he is masha’Allah, told me not to waste my time in the kitchen. How could I possibly argue with that! Every day, after work, we’d drive out and see the city – instead of me cooking dinner. This made our work trip feel like a holiday!


This is a picture I took at one of the plazas in Boston while waiting for Masood. I was fascinated by how the yellow leaves shed with each gentle blow of the wind. Now I realize my happiness stems from the fact that I can enjoy the moment, the cool breeze, and the falling leaves without having to worry about cleaning them later.

Β How’s the weather like in your part of the world these days?


  1. Beautifully described, and the photographs are lovely. My favourite season is fall, so I really enjoyed the photographs. There’s not much of a fall here, some leaves fall but hardly enough to count as fall. This is the season I miss most since moving to Egypt.

    The weather is getting cooler these days, and it feels like winter has come early to Egypt this year. The nights are pretty cold, and the days are cloudy with a bit of sunshine. I like it!
    Londoneya recently posted..8 Different Ideas, One Sunset: How to Shoot Sunsets

    1. Thank you so much, Londoneya! I also think that fall is my new favorite season now. I just love the cool breeze, the sunshine that lifts up your mood and not burn your skin, and the gorgeous colors everywhere!

      UAE is also getting cooler specially during the evenings, and I always get excited and look forward to our desert winter. Nice to you are also enjoying some lovely weather.

    1. Rain is nice when you don’t have to go to work, and wet feet are nice when you are at a beach or the pool πŸ™‚

      The last picture was taken by placing the camera on the ground. I think it gives the viewer a feel of autumn.

    1. Thank you, Sally! I’m looking forward to the farmers’ market. I missed the one at Safa Park on Friday morning though. I heard it was a hit.

  2. hello, Nadia… oh, i didn’t think you’d get lost, dear. whatever gave you the idea? πŸ˜‰

    anyway, this is one of your best posts, i think. i can feel that you’re enjoying the sights and sounds of Boston, the experience and Masood is just wonderful for not letting you spend time in the kitchen, haha. the photos are wonderful as usual, especially like the last one. this is one of your writings where the atmosphere is very evident. had good laughs over the puns, too.

    say my hello to the maple tree, now in UAE. πŸ˜‰

  3. Thank you so much, ‘San!

    Not cooking during our stay was a wise decision; it gave me time to go shopping every day after work πŸ˜€ We used to drive to nearby towns every afternoon and end up at a mall or restaurant for dinner. We would only be home to sleep. So yeah, it felt like a 6-week holiday πŸ™‚

    Maple leaves say hi to you too πŸ˜‰

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