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Breakfast at IHOP, Mall of the Emirates

pancake topping ihop

“Some of the best memories are made at the breakfast table. And for more than 50 years, millions of people have made those memories at IHOP.”

And so I visited this 50-year-old restaurant’s 1-year-old branch at Mall of the Emirates this morning. I rarely have breakfast outside; it’s something I always have at home. The last time I had breakfast outside home (in the UAE) was five months ago at this adorable Japanese bakery.

Today, Masood and I accompanied my mom to submit some documents for a visa application. While Ammi offered to make us breakfast, I insisted that we take this opportunity to try out IHOP’s pancakes.

The restaurant is located next to the mall’s food court. There were around 8 customers by the time we arrived at 10 am. A lady in red uniform greeted, welcomed, and led us to our table. Jocelyn arrived a couple of minutes later to take our orders.

ihop breakfast dubai

Masood’s hash brown, scrambled eggs, and strips of turkey bacon .

ihop breakfast middle east

My hash brown, scrambled eggs, and turkey sausages.

blueberry pancakes ihop

Double blueberry pancakes.

ihop pancakes

Apple cinnamon pancakes.

With so many pretty colors in the world, why have they chosen this varying orangey tones of brown for their tabletops?

Service was really good: the staff was very attentive and came by to ask about the food. Our food took fifteen minutes to arrive, nice and warm. We didn’t get the coffee (I’ve read not-too-good reviews about it) and opted for water and freshly-squeezed orange juice instead. Love the orange juice.

The pancakes look good, but they seriously need to work on the presentation of their food.  I mean, if you look at their menu, it’s filled with mouth-watering photographs – it makes you want to order everything! When the actual food arrived, it didn’t look as pretty.

I think they need to use smaller plates. There’s too much space between the hash brown and the eggs. All the different food on the plate should be arranged such that they appear in perfect harmony with each other.

Fortunately, the eggs are moist and fluffy. I didn’t try the bacon, but I liked the sausages. The hash browns were nice and crispy.

The pancakes, which you must order (why else come all the way to the International House of Pancakes?), are good. Honestly, I have had better pancakes elsewhere (including home). There are so many options at IHOP that it becomes difficult to decide on what to order. They have this strawberry cheesecake pancakes that I should try next time.

Masood loved his blueberry pancakes. Mom said she couldn’t taste the cinnamon in her apple cinnamon pancake. She finished her pancakes, I ate her apple toppings.

I have enjoyed my breakfast—and I’d even recommend you to try them out; the stuffed omelettes look good in the pictures—but considering the food and serving portions, I honestly think it is expensive.

ihop dubai



  1. Ihop is way overpriced! We’ve only been once, went as a big family, paid a lot, and were not at all happy with the portions or quality of the food-felt really cheap.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your honest review. I have never heard of IHOP, not in London and definitely not in Cairo. The name sounds lovely and enticing, it’s a shame the food didn’t live up to expectations. I loved the photograph of the receipt at the end, a very nice touch! 🙂

  3. wow! This is mouth watering subhan Allah! Allah has given us such abilities to cook different meals and taste awesomeness. Muje ye dekh k bhool lag gai. 🙁 I should go n make my breakfast too.

    P.S. Without reading the title first and looking at the top first picture ek dam without ghooring, I thought those are shoes. and then when I read breakfast word, I was more confused and idiot to think “Nadia had breakfast at shoe shop?” 😮 lol

  4. Hello, Nadia… just saying hi. have read all your posts in the last couple of weeks and must say they are all excellent, dear. have very little time lately, please pardon me for not being very visible (and talkative), ahaha.

    i’ll chat more next time. i hope you are doing well. pengeng blueberry pancakes, naman… 🙂

    1. Hello, ‘San! Thank you so much for stopping by. No need to apologize, I know how busy a person you are. Come on over for some blueberry pancakes 🙂

  5. Salaam Sister

    Your blog is so amazing, I currently blog I dont travel tho (I’d love to travel how you have done in the Halal way) . I just discovered your site today and I wanted to say how good a blog yours is.

  6. IHOP – has always seemed overrated to me. Honestly prefer cafes or even breakfast sandwiches at places like McDonalds or Tim Hortons to have better breakfast.

  7. hellow, asan na ang blueberry pancakes ko? my, that looks like a breakfast i can really enjoy. btw, noong nag-Ilocos kami, we stayed in a fancy place in Vigan and we had a fare almost similar. plus the place had this modernized old world ambiance. we felt like rich people, especially with the sugar they served us (pangmayaman, haha). i enjoyed that, i won’t forget the fancy staircases plus the elegant service, hoho.
    doon po sa amin recently posted..matuklasan at mabatid

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