Char Minar


“Oh God, bestow unto this city peace and prosperity.ย  Let millions of men of all castes, creeds and religions make it their abode, like fishes in the water.”ย  ~ Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, while laying the foundation of Charminar in 1591.

Char Minar
Charminar literally means “four minarets”, soaring to a height of 56 meters (183.7 feet) above the ground. It is the most important landmark of Hyderabad, a 400-year-old city in India. A masjid occupies the top floor of the four-story structure.
Nadia Masood
Locally available granite, sand and lime mortar were used to build this monument. The design is an assimilation of Indo-Islamic style of architecture.
A very busy market
Charminar is surrounded by countless shops and restaurants, attracting people and merchandise of every description; it gets very busy after 4 pm. This isn’t really my favorite place to be during the rush hour, where the crowd tends to get a bit less friendly (lots of pushing and shoving). But you can get the best deals on gorgeous glass bangles and pearls (if you know the art of bargaining). Tip: always go shopping with a local.
night time
The Charminar is most beautiful at night. If, just for a brief moment, you stand and look at it, momentarily forgetting about the crowd and traffic, you’ll find yourself transported into a different era.



  1. so liked your post and background information about the charminar. learned something new today. like the dusk/night shot best.

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  3. Beautiful architecture. Did you get to pray in the masjid or is it no longer in use?

    I haven’t had the chance to see the Charminar from the inside ๐Ÿ™ So I’m not sure whether the masjid is still in use.

  4. Wow, beautiful photos. I still don’t understand how people managed to build these intricate structures hundreds of years ago. Amazing to look at.

  5. It’s GORGEOUS! I love the pictures!

    I’ve forwarded your picture posts on Hyderabad to my husband in an effort to speed up the Hyderabad trip!

    Good luck with the speeding process! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. “A masjid occupies the top floor of the four-story structure”

    The Masjid are built for offering 5 times prayer everyday, any of our Muslim Leaders or Ulema so far took trouble to find out why the Namaz is not been practice in the Charminar Masjid? Is it prohibited to offer prayers in Charminar? I request the Muslim Leaders to intervene into this matter, despite its an open place for tourist to feel and experience the architectural workmanship and its beauty, May Allaha bless Quli Qutub Shah, Ameen

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