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Chowpatty Beach

I am in love with Mumbai!  Masood took me to Chowpatty yesterday, which is more commonly known as “Bombay Chowpatty”.  I was surprised to discover that it’s actually a beach because back home in the UAE, Bombay Chowpatty is the name of a restaurant!  And they serve yummy food.

nadia masood

Gorgeous, right?  Such a clean and quiet place to spend some moments of solace and peace.  Well, not really!  I took that picture at two in the afternoon, when the sun was hot and bright.  That’s one of the reasons why the beach appears deserted.  I discovered the other reason just last night:  the place comes to life at night!

This lively beach is definitely not meant for sunbathing or swimming, but for eating.  It is a bazaar and mela (or festival) rolled into one.  I noticed salesmen throng the beach last night, selling everything from glow-in-the-dark yo-yos and animal-shaped balloons to rat poison. Men stand by with bathroom scales, offering complacent strollers a chance to check their weight in return for a small price. Hand-operated Ferris wheels and carousels are packed with children. And then there was the main attraction:  stalls nearby selling Mumbai’s famously satisfying fast food—crunchy bhel puris (puffed-rice snacks), ragda pattices (spicy potato cakes), and paav bhaji (fried vegetable mash eaten with bread).  And my all-time favorite:  falooda.

Did I mention that most of the people came dressed as if they were attending a wedding party?  It was so lively.  We strolled around a bit, just before heading towards the countless food stalls.  Each stall has a “salesman”, whose job is to call in customers towards his stall.

We ordered paav bhaji and falooda with kulfi (I can’t put into words how yummy both of these were).  One of the salesmen laid out a straw mat for us on the sand, where we sat and enjoyed the food.  The entire experience was so memorable!

If you’re in Mumbai, do visit this place.


  1. “We ordered paav bhaji and falooda with kulfi (I can’t put into words how yummy both of these were). ” —->> My favourites!! :))))

    And I’m craving for them all over again now 😀

  2. Awwwwwwww U make me wanna go there right nowwwwwwww 🙁 …. I missssssssss allllll that …. especially the yummy fooooooood ….. just today I was telling my Mum hw I wntd to have Pav Bhaji coz they were having it for breakfast @ my Aunt’s today LOL 😉

    Masha Allah nice pic, and am happy U like ma city …. 🙂

    So did you finally have the pav bhaji? 🙂

    Yes, Ms. Unique. I love your city! It wasn’t love at first sight, but it has gradually won my heart.

  3. Wow! That’s just the kind of place I like for a summer evening out!
    …Eating close to the sea, under the stars, having a walk on the sand, looking at the people having fun, and maybe, listening to some music, in the meantime… it’s definitely my ideal amusement.
    So, I’ll keep your advice in mind!

    Reading your comment makes me want to go there again, lol 😀

  4. Looks amazing! Seems something like the food street in Lahore? (I’ve never been to Lahore, we only ever go to Karachi, but from what my cousins told me)

    The first and only time I was in Lahore was when I was only 2 years old, lol. So I can’t compare Chowpatty to that.

  5. Lovely picture. I’m Indian and I’ve never been to the famous Mumbai Chowpatty :~

    Have fun 🙂

    Thank you, Nizsha. Hope you get to visit it during your next trip. Oh, and welcome to the blog!

  6. yum yum bhel puri, falooda !!! love it !! 😀
    having a good time ..:D
    a different view about mumbai contrary to what we often hear abt it…

    Hey Mubi ji! Yes, we’re having a grand time in Mumbai indeed. I’ve heard a lot of unpleasant things about the city myself, but I discovered that most parts of this crowded city is clean and organized.

  7. Love street food, not too keen on eating from street vendors though! make it at home 😀

    Aww, but where’s the fun in eating street food made at home? 😀

  8. Lovely….

    Haven’t seen you posting in a while, hope everything is OK and you are just enjoying India!

    Everything is okay, Haleem. Thanks for asking. We’re back in Dubai; landed yesterday afternoon. And already missing Mumbai, lol 😀

  9. Falooda with Kulfi (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)…. When I was in Lahore I ate Falooda very often, but here it isnt the same kulfi falooda in Karachi, so it doesnt really make me walk so much and go to the market for a falooda that is no match to what I enjoyed in Lahore. Anyways, great post, and nice picture as always (Y)

    Thanks! And all this time I thought that Karachi makes the best faloodas in the entire world! I must go to Lahore.

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