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Comfort Inn Emirates Hotel

Comfort Inn Emirates Hotel is 3 star hotel that is conveniently located on the Muroor Road in Abu Dhabi.

We purchased a 1-night stay from Cobone at a very good price. This hotel wasn’t too bad, considering we just wanted a quiet and clean room to spend the night in, plus it was just 5 minutes away from where we needed to be in the morning.

The Reception and Staff:

Photo credit: Abu Dhabi Convention Bureau

We arrived at 11 pm so there wasn’t anyone else checking in. Maricar on was duty that night, and she was quick in finishing up the formalities and handing over the room key to us.

A guy wearing a suit stood at the entrance. Although he did not bother to greet us cheerfully, he did ask whether we had luggage or not. His phone seemed to keep him occupied most of the time.

The Room:

comfort inn hotel

I’ve never had such a hard time taking decent pictures of a hotel room before. The entire wall is painted such a painful shade of yellow that my camera found pretty disturbing. I kept adjusting the settings, but nothing seemed to work.

comfort inn abu dhabi

However, the color shouldn’t bother you unless you are a crazy blogger like me. Because other than the weird circa 1970s wall paint, everything was fine.

Most importantly, the rooms are very clean.

The bed is very comfortable.

You’ll get a good night sleep without any issues.

The Mini-Bar:

comfort inn emirates hotel

There are two complimentary bottles of water, some tea bags and coffee sachets. You also have the usual potato chips, though not complimentary. For sale, inside the mini fridge, are juice and soda.

No alcohol is served in the hotel. So yay for this halal establishment!

Also, please note the yellow wall. Yep, that’s the shade the entire room is painted in. And I saw pictures of the other rooms that are bright red and green.

The Bathroom:


I’m impressed by how clean the bathroom was! The towels smelled fresh and clean. I love that!

I also appreciate the fact that they have provided complete toiletries. And there was a couple of bath robes in the closet. Plus points for the hotel.


The Food:

Cream of chicken soup with garlic bread.
Greek salad
Greek salad
Fish steak with rice, which turned out to be fried fish with rice.
Fish steak with rice, which turned out to be fried fish with rice.
Grilled chicken with rice
Grilled chicken with rice
Mixed fruits
Mixed fruits

Dinner and breakfast were included with the deal we purchased from Cobone, which is great.

We initially called the restaurant asking if it was possible to send the food up our room. We were nicely told that no, it won’t be possible because there was no extra staff to do it, so could we please just come down at the restaurant for dinner?

Once we were downstairs and have selected what we wanted from the menu, we were told that since there wasn’t anyone else dining at the restaurant, they could send the food up to our room.

Breakfast was basic – cereal, white beans, chicken and beef sausages, turkey ham, mango-flavored yogurt, fruits, juice, coffee/tea, and eggs (cooked however you like them, we opted for vegetable omelet).

I like the hotel because…

  • it is conveniently located within the city.
  • the room and bathroom are very clean.
  • the surroundings were quiet at night.
  • room rates are good.

I do not like the hotel because…

  • the bright-yellow wall paint is stressful to the senses.
  • the wireless internet was slow and kept disconnecting.
  • they only have 2 parking spaces allotted for their guests!

Comfort Inn’s website is currently under construction, but you can:


  1. LOL at “I’ve never had such a hard time taking decent pictures of a hotel room before. The entire wall is painted such a painful shade of yellow that my camera found pretty disturbing. I kept adjusting the settings, but nothing seemed to work.”

    Great pictures though.

  2. Thank you, Pervisha! However, I feel that some readers may think I have too much nakhrey that I had to go and complain about the yellow wall paint. But I’m also a blogger, so if something hinders me from taking good pictures, then it’s serious stuff, haha.

    But seriously speaking, the hotel is pretty decent in terms of cleanliness and amenities.

  3. I really liked your review, especially the way you divided it into sections. My favourite is the last two “I do not like the hotel because, I like the hotel because”. Very honest and concise!

  4. Assalamualikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh, Nadi,

    I really feel happy whenever I visit your blog, Alhamdulillah. OMG Cobone deals I follow them too. Ma sha Allah very well written review 😀 …. I gotta follow your guidelines when I start traveling in sha Allah 😉 …. Jazaki Allahu kahiran ….

    And Alhamdulillah I’m back to blogging after a loooooong hiatus 😀 …. But I intend to keep it steady by posting once or twice a week in sha Allah …. Please do stop by whenever you get time in sha Allah ….

    Take care.

    Much Luv.

    1. Walaikum assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh, dearest Shazia!

      So good to hear from you. I hope everything’s sailing smoothly at your end, inshaAllah. Take care.

  5. hi, Nadia… parang masarap din ‘to. shaks, ba’t nga di ka tumataba with all that good food, ha? that’s no fair! what is hummus made of, btw? teka, parang masarap ang greek salad nila, parang masarap ang cheese, hoho.

    btw, when we went to el nido, we stayed for a day at puerto princeza city first. we had a good accomodation at a very artsy bed and breakfast place. it was very colorful, the courtyard was fancy and very artistically done. that’s where we had breakfast, ahaha. twas nice. then, off we went to el nido where the fury of the storm trapped us for four days, ahaha. 😉

    hope you are well, dear… btw, mag-guest post ka sa site, dear. sa Tagalog or English, wherever you wish. it’d be an honor and pleasure… 🙂

    1. The main ingredient for hummus is chickpeas. It’s very delicious as a dip as well.

      I heard so much about the beauty of El Nido. You should really take pictures!

      I am honored that you considered me worthy enough to guest-post on your blog. Whatever shall I write about when you churn sophisticated and extremely well-written posts every time?

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