new hampshire apples

Cortland Apples & Bly Farm’s Ice Cream

driving through new hampshire

It’s been a long, long drive and we’re completely relying on the GPS to guide us. We’ve just spent an evening in an inn at Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, and then took a very interesting ride on the cog railway up to the top of the mountain. The weekend is almost over and it is now time to head back to Boston.

Cortland Apples

Along the way, I spot a gentleman selling apples on the roadside.

apples in new hampshire

When I tell Masood to stop and buy some, he regards me with the look that says, “But you don’t even like apples!” Being the sweet guy that he is, Masood pulls over on the roadside without saying anything. I remain in the car and just enjoy the moment—buying fresh fruit from this nice gentleman, looking at his pickup with crates in it, the huge “Apples” signboard.

Masood makes the purchase and, while he was busy taking money out of his wallet, the gentleman walks up to my window, smiles sweetly, and hands me a couple of apples to try. We wave goodbye and resume our journey.

new hampshire apples

Cortland apples have a hint of tartness and has tender, snow white flesh that naturally resists browning, making it an excellent choice for salads, kabobs and garnishes. I try to eat it on its own but couldn’t finish even one apple, maybe because this type of apple is best used for salads.

Ice Cream at Bly Farm

bly farm ice cream

“Oh, let’s stop for some ice cream!” The sight of the signboard is getting me all excited to try some homemade ice cream. Masood is pretty surprised by my spontaneous food cravings. He is giving me that you-don’t-even-like-ice-cream look.

It’s late in the afternoon and we haven’t had lunch yet. As if unable to believe his ears, he asks me twice if I really wanted ice cream. Frankly, I just want the experience of eating ice cream in a place like this. I mean, back home in the U.A.E, we mostly have date farms and I’m sure none of them sell ice cream.

homemade ice cream in wolfeboro

The shop itself is a fascinating structure for a tourist like me. It looks so cozy and friendly. It looks like something that I’ve only seen in movies or have read in books, where the author would describe a wooden cabin by the woods far away from the city.

We are the only customer when we arrive. We walk up to the window and peer inside. The wall is adorned with framed pictures of children, dollar bills, and some certificates. A pretty, young lady approaches the window and asks for our order. I order Black Raspberry while Masood chooses Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, both small-sized cones.

black raspberry ice cream

chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

For someone who eats one tablespoon of ice cream—and only when someone forces me to—this small cone was huge! But the ice cream is really good. It’s quite unfortunate that we couldn’t finish it. Had we known this is a single serving, Masood and I could have shared.

Bly Farm offers as many as 44 flavors of Bobby Sue’s Homemade ice cream, made in Freedom,  New Hampshire. Other flavors include Grapenut, Maple Walnut, Frozen Pudding, Moose Tracks, Indian Pudding, Peppermint Stick, Lemon Chip, and Pumpkin.

We take our cones and walk around at the back of the ice cream shop. Another young lady arrives at the shop and chats up with the one who sold us the ice cream. By their casual conversation, it seems as if this is the sort of town where everyone knows each other.

bly farm wolfeboro

Right behind the shop is a small farm. There are a couple of men who are working so I refrained from taking pictures. It’s such a peaceful afternoon in this gorgeous farm. I later learn that Bly Farm is run by Vince and Cynthia Blandini. The Bly Farm takes its name from Cynthia’s side of the family which has been farming since the early 1800s.

Bly Farm
Vincent and Cynthia Blandini
620 Center St.
Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Farm Stand: May- Mid -Oct (9am-5pm)

Ice Cream Stand :
Spring – noon-6PM
Summer – 11AM-10PM
Fall – noon – 6PM

bly farm

We do not buy any vegetables, no matter how tempting it is, because we are not cooking much during our stay in Boston. People start arriving at the ice cream shop. We hang around for a few more minutes then hit the road again.

Here’s a picture of me taking a photograph:

new hampshire drive


“Oh look, there’s an interesting antique shop! Let’s go take a quick look,” I squeal. I wonder if they sell vintage plates or cutleries that I could use as props for my food photography.

“You know what? Let’s just go home,” says the husband.



  1. You don’t like ice cream? How can you not? I cannot believe this. *shakes head*
    Now I am craving for some ice cream. -_-
    Haha! I hope you had another chance to visit that antique shop.
    P.S: Do you write these posts on your journey and save them or do you write before posting?

    1. Miss Maqsood, I usually prefer dessert that’s more or less bitter in taste like tiramisu or 80% dark chocolate, for example. Ice cream, for me, tastes like frozen milk with loads of sugar 😀

      I have a habit of keeping a journal each time I travel. It’s a small notebook that I always keep in my bag and I’d scribble on it as soon as something interesting happens. I always put the date, time & location on the top. It’s so much fun to go back and read those notes because they were all written “live”. Plus, it helps when I’m blogging about it 40 years later 😉

      1. Haaye Nadia Baji your views on Ice cream astonish me! actually I agree with you to some extent, but thats with fruity flavors in ice cream. They do really taste like milk loaded with tons of sugar and some khatti meethi respective fruit syrups 😛
        But chocolate, Chocolate is <3! 😛
        I am not a dessert person but if it has chocolate, it has my heart. 😛
        Thats such a nice habit to pen down your memories. I always think of doing that during my road trips around the state but I get lazy.
        Omg that will be so nostalgic and sentimental to read decades after your journey about your trips and relieve those memories again. I am imagining you in a filmi scene relieving your past :P. You just gave me a reason to start writing a journal, inshaAllah inshaAllah i'll do that. 😀
        P.S: I just showed Ammi Ji your travelogues " dekhiye kitni achi jagaheij hai, apan kahin jaatey hi nahi, please jayinge na" and she responded with a calm and composed inshaAllah. Sigh! 😛

  2. “Masood is pretty surprised by my spontaneous food cravings.” Haha! There’s nothing more entertaining than reading about A wife and her adorable acts to drive husband crazy.
    I love this post. 44 flavors seem like a grand business. Mujhe parh ke hi itna maza aya hai, I wonder tumhe ye sab experience ker k kitna maza aya hoga 🙂 Travelling is fun.

    1. Traveling is fun and a wonderful way to learn! Sometimes when I read about people who sell everything they own to go see the world, I feel a tad envious because despite my immense love for travel, I know this is something I could never do. I mean, I feel it’s more sensible to be financially secure and to always have some savings.

  3. hahahhaa!! love this post, Nadia! You are clearly blessed with a husband who adores you. And I know if not for the 16 hour flight back to UAE, he will buy you a couple of antique wares. men just don’t want too much luggage when traveling!

    Yes, that’s the first thing I noticed in America. Food is good and always extra large. One American serving is meant for 2-3 Asians yay! Fastfood also has bottomless drinks (of every flavour and brand) and I shudder the time it will happen in Dubai. We will not only gain a stone but a boulder!

    1. Thank you so much, Kero. Yes, your point is valid. I’m sure he doesn’t want to drag around another full suitcase (we already had 4 large ones!).

      No bottomless drinks here in Dubai, please! Majority of the population is already obese as it is. You are right about the larger portion size in the US. I will need to watch out what I eat on my next trip. I had put on a lot of weight last time I was there.

    1. I’ve only seen Houston (2-day trip) outside the east coast so I don’t really have much to compare the east coast with, but from what I’ve seen it’s truly so beautiful. The autumn breeze is nice and crisp and the colors of the leaves are breathtaking!

  4. Hi Nadia! Were you and Masood in America/Northeast this summer? Let me know next time, so we can grab some lunch. It is sad summer is over, but we all look forward to pumpkins and apples here in New England. Fall is very nice here-as you know. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Vivian! No, these photos were from last fall. We might visit again soon, but it will be the west coast. Let’s see how things go. Would love to meet you.

  5. Aww Nadia this post made me smile. I imagined a couple on a roadtrip in a foreign place for a sudden food trip! I also have this urge to buy goods from locals than in supermarkets o I can also help them with the sales.

    About ice cream, I also prefer other type of desserts (except cookies ‘n cream).

    Go back and get some antique for souvenir! 😛

    1. Hey Mica. Yes, I must go back for those vintage things! 😀

      Here in the UAE, most of our produce comes from abroad. So it’s such a wonderful change to be able to walk into a farmer’s market and get locally-grown (and seasonal) fruits and vegetables, visit farms, and have homemade ice cream.

  6. Hi Nadia !
    Someone every appropriately said “Travelling is Fun” …. after reading ur post i m longing to go on a holiday trip (that to anywhere – take me outside Delhi) …. Absolutely awesome pics … enjoyed reading ur journey 🙂

    1. Hi Sharmila! Thank you so much. You write your travel posts so beautifully. I hope you get to travel again soon so that I get to read about your adventures 🙂

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