Discover Wild Life at the Bako National Park

Just less than an hour drive from Kuching by public bus, the Bako National Park is the oldest national park in Sarawak, eastern Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. Visitors claim that in this park it is guaranteed that you will indeed see the animals.

Photographed by Joanne Lane

In her article on the Bako National Park, Joanne Lane writes that this park contains much of Borneo’s rare and unusual flora and fauna, including the Probiscus monkey with its distinctive upturned nose, found only here in Borneo. You will also find the cheeky macaque monkey, the cute silver leaf monkey, pigs, vipers, pythons and even flying lemurs. While you’ll easily see the monkeys and pigs during the day, and probably not far from the park office, you’ll need to join the guided night walks from the park office to spot the nocturnal animals and things that slither and hide away.

To get to the park, you have to get a bus (RM 2, 1 hour) from Kuching and then a boat from the park terminal (RM 47 for 5 people).

If you would like to find out more about travelling to Malaysia, please visit the Tourism Malaysia website.


    1. The nose is really upturned, and it kinda looks very funny for some reason. Oh, I can’t wait for visit Malaysia too! You’re lucky to be living nearby 🙂

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