Driving Lessons – Take Two

“OK, let’s go!” said the instructor in a cheerful tone as soon as he settled in the passenger seat. My twenty-something-year-old sister was in the driver’s seat. It was her first driving lesson in Karachi and—she has already taken 40 classes in Dubai, passed the road test, and has been driving since last year—was quite excited to drive a manual car and learn how to tackle the rather wild driving ways of the city.

So there she was, all ready for her first lesson. The instructor patiently waited while she adjusted the rear view mirror. He looked on as my sister appeared to be searching for something next to the wheel, and then she suddenly remembered that it’s an old car, so she has to reach out the window and adjust the side mirrors manually.

“You’re wasting so much time!” His patience was wearing thin. They were in the car for a few minutes now.

“Um, let me just adjust…”

“Just do as I say,” he said, interrupting her mid-sentence. “Never mind those mirrors and just start the engine. We don’t have all day.”


Then, she reached out for the seat belt and pulled it across herself.

“What are you doing?!”

“Putting the seat belt on?”

“Ohho, yeh kiya kardiya?” he said, irritated.  “Look at what you’ve done. Now I have to insert that thing back in!”

And while my sister was trying to absorb what just happened, the instructor was literally replacing the belt back into the retractor.

“Just start the engine and drive,” he said with a sigh.


  1. Ooh I start driving lessons soon!! 🙂 but I’m sure my instructor won’t let me start until I put my seatbelt on 🙂 hehe

  2. I was in Kolkata recently and they don’t use mirrors!!! They just start to drift at high speed into the other lanes and if no one objects (i.e. sounds the horn) they will complete the lane change!

    This is why people spend to make sure their horns are in working order and drivers roll down the windows so they can hear it!
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  3. Oh dear! Hope your sister gets through the driving test well with all the minor changes involved.The instructor sure has poor customer service rapport.I guess it’s common there.

    1. Sajib, this is the second time she’s taking driving lessons (first time in Dubai and now in Karachi) hence ‘Take Two’ 🙂

  4. LOL! I laughed well bad at the bit where he puts the belt back into place. Thats just so crazy!
    and here they dont let you move an inch without your seat belt on.
    Which now reminds me of how my little sister always calls it belt seat.

    Good luck to your sister! Hope she does well 😀
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    1. Thanks, Smiley!

      The seat belt rule is quite strict here in the UAE too, and that’s what my sister got used to, so imagine the look on her face when her instructor thought it’s not a priority.

      belt seat 😀

  5. I’m a driving instructor in the UK cannot believe that you only put seat belts on when the police are around. scary stuff driving in Karachi, and the instructor with the mirrors lol that’s really funny!

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