Nadia Masood

Dubai Metro: Al Jafiliya & Mall of Emirates Stations

Nadia Masood

The Al Jafiliya Station is right across Dubai’s Department of Naturalization and Residency, where we went a few days ago to renew Mom’s residence visa.

Nadia Masood

The stations are designed to look like sea shells.

Nadia Masood

For a moment, I thought I was inside the airport! Then I saw the “To Trains” sign.

Nadia Masood

More of the “sea shell” effect.

Nadia Masood

We traveled Gold Class on our first trip.  You pay extra for two things:  comfortable seats and front view (since there is no driver, you get to sit right infront)

Nadia Masood

The Silver or Standard Class, which I personally think is much more fun than the Gold Class.  (Picture taken by cellphone)

Nadia Masood

View on our way to the Mall of Emirates

Nadia Masood

Mall of Emirates Station

Nadia Masood

Coming down from the train platform

Nadia Masood

The interior of the Mall of Emirates Station:  this was around 2 pm on a working day, hence the peace and quiet.


  1. Your posts about places in Dubai never fail to astound me. 🙂 Masha Allah.
    I hope you had a great Eid, Nadia. Take care.

    Thank you, Alisha! I had a tiring yet fabulous Eid, alhumdulillah.

  2. Looks very … Dubai-ish! Can’t wait to visit iA. It does look like the Metro is going to be a success.

    Two questions.

    1. How do they prevent a silver ticket holder from sitting in the gold class?
    2. Never been inside the Burj al Arab, does it cost to visit?

    Yes, definitely Dubai-ish!

    1. There are a couple of “cabin crews” in the trains, who check tickets of those who are in the Gold Class.
    2. I haven’t been inside either, but it’ll cost you around 200 Dirhams to get in (as a non-staying guest). Or, you can make reservations for High Tea at 350 Dirhams in a restaurant and get in for free.

  3. Naiiice!

    It looks awesome! Trust Dubai to come up with a lavish metro, LOL.

    Great pictures as always, nads!

    Wait till you see my upcoming post on another station 😉

  4. ma shaa Allah it is too beautiful for a SUBWAY station yeesh!

    And people here are using the Metro just for the sake of experiencing it … 99.9% (including myself, of course) were taking pictures or making videos throughout the ride. It is truly beautiful.

  5. We had a new “metro” ourselves here in Vancouver. Actually it is an extension to the current metro (called Skytrain), and was made in preparation for the Winter Olympics in February 2010.

    I just wrote a post on this too 🙂

    I like your Metro better because you have more poles/rails to hold onto during the rush hour. When we took the Silver Class last time, Masood held onto a rail, while I held onto him, and my MIL held onto me. But I like our blue color better than your red one 😀

  6. WOW! Masha’Allah! That is so impressive! I would ride it every day if I were you 😀
    Is the price diff between gold and silver class big?

    I would love to take the train on a regular basis, but there’s no station close to where I live or work. Gold Class tickets cost twice as much as the Silver Class: for a journey across three stations, you pay 6.50 dirhams for Silver Class, while the same journey will cost you 13 dirhams in Gold Class.

  7. Wow, that is sure sparkly and not a person in sight! My brother loves trains he would probably just got to Dubai to get on it lol 😀
    Thanks for the wonderful pics

    It literally IS very new and sparkly! Not a person in sight because it was 1 pm on a working day.

    I’m sure your brother will love the metro 🙂

  8. wow.. what stations yaar…

    Dubai vs Doha… debate tilted in favour of Dubai after this! lol

    And you haven’t even seen my favorite station yet!

    Make it both Dubai and Doha 🙂

  9. Ooh, what a lovely journey through the metro! Hopefully I’ll be able to experience it for myself soon.

    Welcome to the blog, Joud! Thank you. Looking forward to read your Metro experience; hope it’s a good one 🙂

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