Eating your way around KL’s street food scene: The chicken satay

When I saw The Yum List compiled by Monica Tindall, I knew I had to bookmark the page. Just like the U.A.E., eating out is also the national past time of Malaysia. Three distinct cultures – Chinese, Indian and Malay – contribute to the main flavors of Malaysia.

Chicken satay is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I think of what I’ll eat first in Malaysia. The last time I had a satay stick was in Saudi Arabia, in Makkah. A family friend bought us dinner that evening, and we sort of had a late night picnic in a park because most restaurants do not have ‘family sections’, so women aren’t permitted inside. But that’s okay because the weather was pleasant and dining under the stars was a nice experience. And the satay tasted good.

But the authentic way to enjoy a satay, I suppose, is to buy it from a satay hawker. I’ve read tourists complaining that it’s surprisingly hard to find a satay hawker in Kuala Lumpur. But determined and unrelenting you must be if you want to try the best and eat your way around Kuala Lumpur’s street food scene.

 Picture taken by a Trip Advisor member, Chrisandem.

 What’s your favorite Malaysian street food?

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  1. oh, i usually try to find time to buy and eat street foods whenever I go visit strange or unfamiliar places. the food may not be exotically good or to-die-for, but the experience is really something i always look forward to – especially if the foods are on stick and can be bought off the streets, hehehe. kain tayo ng satay pag napunta na tayo sa Malaysia, ha? 😉

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