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Facing the Arabian Sea

Masood and I were out for some work in the Colaba area the other day, and on our way out we asked the guard on duty where the Gateway of India was.  “Oh, it’s a mere 10-minute walk from here!” he exclaimed.  So we walked.  And walked some more.  Until we were hungry.  But it was worth the effort.

nadia masood

The last time I saw the Arabian Sea was in Karachi a couple of years ago.  Never had I imagined looking at the same body of water from Mumbai.  Facing the sea, I was thinking about leaving a message in a bottle and letting it drift away to the shores of Karachi, my birth place.

Map of the Arabian Sea

Maybe not.  The bottle might drift all the way to Somalia instead.

nadia masood

The waterfront on this side of Mumbai is a very busy place.  And very touristy as well.  After all, the famous Taj Palace Hotel and Gateway of India are both here, as well as other very old (but less prominent) structures.  We spotted a couple of Emirati men – in their traditional crisp, white kanduras – walking out of a hotel with a couple of ladies wearing flowing black abayas.  A local – a twenty something boy selling some handicrafts – called out to them, “Ya habibi!  Marhaba!”

nadia masood

Notice that mountain in the picture above?  It’s the Elephanta Island, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.   There are tour operators nearby who offer a boat ride for 150 rupees per adult to reach the island.  The place is famous for its cave temples.  We chose not to go.  Instead, we sat around and enjoyed the view with some mango milk shake and vegetable sandwich.


  1. this brings back some good memories of trips to India many years ago.. and yes I did make it to Elephanta island but remember the boat trip being very rough. Greetings from Mexico.

    Welcome to the blog, Catherine! The sea looked pretty calm this time of the year, so I noticed the boats going to Elephanta island were all full.

  2. Beautiful very colourful photos. So much to see and do, might be fun to leave a message in a bottle, but it can take a long time to get to any place and then could be lost in the sand and never found.

    Oh, but that’s the beauty of bottled messages: one can never tell when, where and who will find it 🙂

  3. Oh! how I miss the sea …. LOL …. we used to enjoy it in AL-Khobar another point of Arabian sea 😉

    Oooh, that’s so cool! We’re both enjoying the same sea 🙂

  4. In my opinion, it is very nice to live in areas close to the sea: you can often enjoy it.
    I like the pictures: those are very typical boats!

    My maternal grandfather’s house is close to the sea, and we loved visiting!

  5. The place looks so.. clean! Karachi’s beach, from what I’ve heard of it, is polluted beyond belief and so is the water.

    I love that photo of the (would it be called a boat?)
    The colors are amazing!

    This beach is also unclean, however, it’s not as polluted as Karachi. lol, yes … I think it’s a boat 🙂

  6. It’s a beautiful scene! I visited Mumbai very briefly once and would love to visit again.

    And stay longer when you visit again. Mumbai is a great city to explore on your own sweet time 🙂

  7. Nice pictures… And Karachi isn’t that bad either!

    Last time I was there, the “kachra” floating about Karachi’s otherwise gorgeous beach was such an eyesore 🙁

  8. I love reading your older posts, makes me feel like I’ve traveled back in time 🙂 I love the pictures, it’s great to take a break to enjoy your surroundings.

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