1. At first I thought you have posted your hiking experience, and then I began to wonder *OMG! When did that happen why didn’t I know she has been to hiking* and then I realised its not about hiking and then I got more excited as I read further!
    “The LOC or Line of Control is the border that separates the Indian and Pakistani parts of Kashmir and this is only a few kilometers from where I am standing.” OH-MY-GOD! This line had me jump over my bed! You’re so cool! I love the pictures. I simply love this post. The second last and 3rd last picture is just too over whelming.
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    1. Thank you so much, Khanum! When our guide told us about the LOC information, it got me all excited (the excitement further fueled by the fact that armed military men are roaming around 24/7 to make sure nobody crosses the border).

  2. I read about the gondola and I am looking for a boat! hihih So the gondola in Kashmir is a cable car then? I see..

    I showed my husband the instagram photo and asked him to tell me which country it is. His immediate reply was the Alps. Wrong, I say this is in India, Kashmir to be exact. His jaw dropped. And in an outrage, he says why don’t we hear this places? Why do we have only hear Europe and America to be the best ski destination?

    That my dear is because India doesn’t have CNN but they can thank dedicated bloggers like Nadia to give the world a whole new perspective of their country.

    I am wonderstruck. It’s so dreamy, and magical, I am in awe and I am looking at India in a whole new light! Thank you, my dear. Kashmir is on our bucket list.
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      1. Kero, you are most welcome! Your husband’s outrage is justified because he is absolutely right! Kashmir should get due recognition because its winter sport and scenery are at par with Europe and the US (at a much cheaper rate!). I suppose it’s the security issues that make people a little nervous about visiting this gorgeous place.

        Khanum is right – Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan. But both countries are still not satisfied with the division, making poor Kashmir an area of chronic dispute (hence the LOC and all the armed military men roaming around the place).

        1. You are absolutely right, Thanks for that explanation, Nadoo.

          Dear Kero, The situation in our areas is not that horrible security wise, as they show on International media. When I was at Bayal Camp of Nanga Parbat, I stopped to have some hot soup in the cold and started a conversation with the canteen owner. He told us that how negative media has damaged the reputation of tourists our way. This year no foreign climber submitted the application to have permission for the Nanga Parbat climb all the way up to the top.
          However, I did meet few Australians there on their way to the Basecamp of the Killer Mountain. They were all surprised by the beauty of the place and couldn’t believe it’s not Europe.

          You are welcome to explore Pakistan and India. You’ll fall in love with the places 🙂
          Khanum recently posted..Young & Hungry: Italian Fettuccine at Midnight

    1. Thank you, ‘San. You may certainly join us next time we visit Kashmir (I’m still in the process of convincing the husband to migrate there so I could take proper skiing classes, haha). Taking photographs isn’t an issue (although I was worried about the camera getting wet). I would remove my warm gloves for a few minutes to take a few pictures then either put the gloves back on or stuff my hand inside the pocket of my jacket.

  3. Till the very last paragraph, I kept waiting for the words, “.. and then we skied down!”

    Also, as I far can recognize, the mountain dominating the skyline in photo #5 and #6 is Nanga Parbat. Were you looking northwards while capturing these shots?

    1. Raheel, you will not read the words “…and then we skied down” and “Afarwat mountain” in the same sentence ever. I can barely go more than a few feet with the skis on (that’s the level of my amateur-pan) without stumbling.

      Yes, I was looking northwards while taking those pictures.

      1. Strange that guides/visitors there were not discussing the Nanga Parbat sighting. It’s is one of the most gorgeous mountains on earth.

    1. Thank you, Humaira. Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine (once you’re there). But do try to be completely still while having that panic attack though – you don’t want the already swaying car to be swinging like crazy from the cable 😀

  4. This. Is. Breathtakingly. Beautiful!!!
    You are so lucky,you get to go to amazing places mashaAllah!!
    Pictures are AHMAZING!!!
    Aur ek hum hyderabad to riyadh, zyada se zyada dubai and the distrcts around Hyderabad. I am on a dharna aajkal, I confronted my parents saying “I am not gonna leave Hyderabad unless and until you are taking me out of Andhra Pradesh/Telengana. Kashmir, mussorie, anyother hill station heck take me to Bangalore but nowhere else in the state”. Ab dekhna yeh hai who’s gonna win. I am sick and tired pf this place Nadia baji. :@
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    1. Thank you so much, Miss Maqsood!

      I sincerely hope that you win this dharma and that your parents plan some out-of-state adventure soon 🙂

      India is such a beautiful country and it makes it even more convenient to be a local tourist because you speak the same language and understand the culture. I hope you get to see all these lovely places, insha’Allah.

      In the meantime, enjoy the baarish. I’m so jealous 🙂

  5. This may sound silly but I had tears in my eyes whilst looking at your photos, especially the last one. My God, what beauty there is in the world! I am amazed. I am a big fan of snow, so I’m putting this incredible place on my to-visit list! Did you put the address of this cable car place at the end of the post? I will have to pin this!

    1. Oh, you’ll love Kashmir, Londoneya! With so much beauty around, it’s much, much cheaper than Europe. And more importantly, you’ll easily find masjid and halal food all over the place since the majority of locals are Muslims in both Srinagar and Gulmarg (both towns of Kashmir).

      Here’s the URL of the cable car website:


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