Firmoo Sunglasses

Pretty, right? This is my latest pair of sunglasses, an absolute must-have if you are in the middle of a desert, where it’s bright and sunny all year round. Try driving around during the day without sunglasses and you’ll know what I mean: those broken white lines that mark the center of the road? Drive for 5 minutes without sunglasses, and those lines will disappear under the sun’s bright light. This is dangerous, considering that most people here normally drive over 100 km/hr. But regardless of whether you drive or not, you need a pair of sunglasses to reduce the glare and look fashionable at the same time (because no one appears stylish when squinting).

This pair is from Firmoo, the world’s premier online optical store. The color is a very pretty burgundy. With larger nearly-square lenses, these frames perfectly fit for all kinds of face shapes. Initially, I was skeptical to get a pair of sunglasses without having had tried them on first, but I found a very useful virtual try-on feature on Firmoo’s website where I got an idea of how the glasses would look on my face. So I went ahead and filled the form they emailed me, and patiently waited for my burgundy sunglasses.

Hadn’t have heard about or purchased anything from Firmoo before, I wasn’t expecting anything grand, so I am pleasantly surprised to find how sturdy the frame looks and feels! I really like how it comfortably sits on my face, not hurting the bridge of my nose or my ears. It also feels really light, and has just the right amount of tint to reduce the glare. And it looks stylish with my scarves.

I have received this pair of sunglasses at no cost from Firmoo, but the review is completely my own—unbiased and objective—because if you’ve been visiting this blog for sometime now, you know I won’t lie to you. Not all the time, anyway. Just kidding.

If you’re looking to purchase your next pair of sunglasses or prescription eye glasses, go check out Firmoo’s website, and see if you find anything you like. Firmoo has launched a program offering free eye wear for first-time buyers if that is their first purchase at Firmoo. To know more about this program, please click here.


  1. hello, Nadia… hala, parang maganda nga ang sunglasses mo – matches the bag and the scarf. para tuloy ang ganda mo from this end, wala ka pa sa frame nyan, ha? tingnan mo, the power of suggestion. ikaw na! 😉

    makahanap nga nyang Firmoo na ‘yan, baka gaganda rin me, hehe. cheers!

    1. Hi, San! Haha, thank you so much. Good thing I didn’t add myself in the frame. I like that illusion you’re having 😉

      Yep, it will definitely increase your ganda factor! No doubt about that 🙂

  2. That photo of the bag/scarf/sunglasses is super cute! 🙂 It’s so weird to think about sunglasses now as I, on the US-Canadian border, have to bust out the winter jacket for the night, :x.

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