First Time in Mumbai

The train ride from Hyderabad to Mumbai took 13 hours, stopping only at major stations across three states.  I had been in an unpleasant mood – initially – because we couldn’t get the window seats, and hence I missed out on a very good photo opportunity.  What’s more painful was the fact that the couple who was seated near the window had been sleeping most of the time!  How can one sleep when there’s so much beauty out there to see and enjoy?

But I enjoy traveling so much, I cherished every moment of my train ride.  I love the sound of the train running on its tracks.  In the evening, we couldn’t sleep.  The train picked up so much speed that I thought the train would come out of its tracks!  One thing about the Indian Railways:  they are always on time, unless there is a valid reason to be late.

We arrived at 4 am today, and it has been raining.  I hope the weather clears up tomorrow, inshaAllah, so we can start exploring the place (and take pictures, of course).

My first impression of Mumbai?  Wet and cold.


  1. Hey, I’d like to request you to take good pics of ma city 😉

    Don’t forget to visit all those hill stations, Pali Hill, Khandala, etc. and the Juhu Beach very famous and yes don’t forget the new malls @ Bombay Central and Essel World AND the famous restaurants like Delhi Darbar etc 🙂

    So now you’ve got sooooooo many places to take pics from ….

    Yeah I too love train ride but only the first-class compartments, it’s really nice to see the greenery and all … yeah Mumbs really can be a wet place to hang out on rainy days … but hey I never knew of cold … LOL .. probably things have changed 😀

    lol .. well, it’s not cold as in cold .. but compared to the previous years’ temperature of the city during October, this year is cold. It was cloudy today, and I loved being outdoors!

    I don’t think we’ll go to malls … that’s one place I don’t visit outside Dubai 😀

    I want to see the old buildings and historical places, and hill stations inshaAllah (if we get time).

    And I’m surprised that you’re from Mumbai. I didn’t know that 🙂

    Your city is beautiful, mashaAllah!

  2. Nice! Random vacation?

    Have fun and remember to take lotsa pictures!


    Thanks, Abid! It’s a business trip actually, but I like to think that we’re on vacation 😀

  3. Wow, I hope you have a great trip!

    Wet and cold? Mumbai? No way! Wait another day; I hope the weather lets up and you can explore (and photograph… that’s vewy vewy important) to your heart’s content!

    Thanks, Specs. I’m loving it so far! Yes, wet and cold. But today, it was cloudy and cool … alhumdulillah. I hope the gray clouds float away somewhere far, like Dubai, so I can take nice pictures 😀

  4. Wet and cold? Not the best of beginnings! 😀 Hope you have lotsa fun exploring- cant wait to read your posts about it. 🙂
    p.s. will you be buying Shalwars and costume jewellery there? Heard it’s really nice.

    Not the best at all, but today was a beautiful day, alhumdulillah. I don’t want to see the hot and sweltering Mumbai, lol.

    Haven’t thought about shopping yet 😀

  5. I am so envious of you! Another trip! Try to get as many photos as you can~! Btw, if I were you, I would have switched places with the couple! Fancy missing such a great view!

    Oh yes, I am taking pictures whenever I can 🙂

    I had almost asked the couple for the window seat, but Masood promised me that we’ll be having window seats on our way back to Hyderabad, and the view will be even better … so I let the couple enjoy their sleep.

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