Flavours on Two


Minimalist décor, simple yet comfortable chairs, just the right amount of cheerful sunlight peering in through the blinds, bright and fresh colors, and attentive staff—these are my first impressions on Flavours on Two, an all-day dining venue presenting a choice of international cuisine serving a la carte or buffet style.

The complimentary valet parking makes life so much easier when you arrive at the hotel. We’ve come for lunch on a weekday, and the restaurant has a decent number of customers, but not crowded. The hotel is located in the middle of offices and business centers, so I assume the restaurant is never empty. It’s always a good idea to book yourself a table beforehand.

The walls are adorned with abstract paintings of bright, bold colors. There are fresh orchids on the table. But what I am most fascinated about is this:


 The Food:


The salad bar is the most impressive of the entire buffet spread. Soup of the day is potato and leek, which tastes really nice and creamy. The potato salad is also really good.

This is my first time to try dolma—stuffed grape leaves—and I’m afraid it isn’t love at first bite. I might like it someday. For now, I’m happy with my pasta with cherry tomatoes and olives.


There are a few different types of cheese and bread. There is a good selection of sauces and dips.


There isn’t much variety as far as the main dishes are concerned. There are about five or six, to be exact.

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Pictured above: that’s grilled chicken with cranberry sauce on the left (I add the cranberry sauce myself after finding the chicken rather bland for my taste). On the right is chicken a la king.


 Beef stroganoff.


Chili Fish, roasted potatoes on the side.

The dessert section is a joy to look at! Everything is so pretty and dainty. They have both dark and white chocolates, mango mousse, pineapple upside down cake (but Masood clearly believes I make a better version), date cake, and some other pastries.

My favorites would be the caramel, tiramisu, and fresh fruits:


 Overall Impression:


The ambiance is really nice for a casual lunch with friends or business associates. Service is good; you’ll never find your water glass empty, and your used plates are taken away promptly. There’s complimentary coffee too.

Food is good but for AED 130 per person for the lunch buffet there should have been more options as far as the main dishes are concerned. I always go for the seafood first so it is a little disappointing to see only one option.

Flavours on Two
Towers Rotana, Sheikh Zayed Road (close to the Financial Centre metro station)
T: (+971) 4 312 2202 


  1. you are such an excellent food photographer… the pics are so mouth watering :/

    i love the fork and spoon web wall or whatever it is..very interesting

    and is dolma the one which has rice stuffed into the leaves?

    1. Thank you, Mubi! Web wall is a good name for that 🙂

      Yep, dolma was indeed stuffed with rice and something else. It didn’t really please my taste buds. I will try it again soon. I remember I didn’t like dosa when I first had it, but now I can cook my own yummy dosas 🙂

  2. loved the assorted cutlery wall .. just a couple of days back i was roaming pins on pinterest and found some amazing art by moulding dinner forks and this pictured cutlery wall said it all … The restaurant does look like carefully planned , when you said the staff was really attentive .. for me that is ”the” most important thing while being a customer … rest is all forgiven if somebody served you well and made you feel special.

    1. I agree: an attentive, knowledgeable, and courteous staff makes all the difference.

      Speaking of Pinterest. I’ve been visiting the site on and off for a while now but can’t figure out how to organize things around there 🙂

  3. hello, Nadia… ahaha, parang pleasant ang lunch date nyo. and, loyal sa ‘yong dessert si masood, wala akong asabi. 😉 btw, parang masarap ang tiramisu nila. is it? ahaha, hullow… 🙂

    1. Hi ‘San! How are you?

      Yep, it was a pleasant lunch indeed! I was looking forward to more varieties in seafood, but they only had one so that was a bit disappointing. Luckily the very good tiramisu made up for that 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Neelu! Welcome to the blog 🙂

      Yep, it is disappointing considering there are so many better buffet options in the city at a much lesser price. But hey, their salad bar is impressive 🙂

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