GITEX Technology Week 2011

After getting bored during my first GITEX experience, I thought I’d never visit again. But yesterday, I had a much better time. It’s probably because I’ve now been exposed to the world of software, networking, database, security, etc. so the language is not completely foreign.

GITEX stands for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, an annual computer and electronics trade show that’s hosted by Dubai. This exhibition is one of the largest and most important ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) events around the globe, attracting the biggest names in the IT sector.

By Visiting GITEX you can:

  • identify new products and innovative solutions.
  • find something new that will give your business an edge within the market
  • understand how the latest consumer trends will affect you
  • learn how the latest technological advancements can assist your business
  • source new contacts and new business channels
  • network and interact with peers through one of the many exciting features
  • monitor competition

I copied those points off the GITEX website, but I must add a few of my own. By visiting GITEX you can:

  • get free candies, pens, balls, and paper bags!
  • watch a 3D movie for free!
  • receive a free spyware for your computer that will keep you safe for a year!

Here are some pictures that I took yesterday:

Oh, and we met the cute Salim!

Salim is a cyber security advisor who works for the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates. He’s a really friendly guy. Masood has a cute picture with him.


A couple of kaleidoscopes, courtesy of our telecommunications services provider. As always Etisalat occupies a massive space at the Convention Center. There was a question and answer session going on when we arrived, so we hanged around a bit, hoping to win one of the six black footballs. But all the questions were related to football and we—being cricket fans—didn’t know a thing about it. Well, except that one of the players is Messi. But he wasn’t an answer to any of the questions.

We didn’t return home with a football, but that’s OK because we got several stress balls! The ones we got from our previous GITEX trip are all chilling in a fishbowl, to be taken out occasionally when guests with young children visit and refuse to sit down. So we keep the child occupied with these stress balls. It works…for approximately 2 minutes.

I think Salim did a great job with modeling those stress balls. See how his de-stressed face radiates with such calmness and serenity? I should have picked out a red ball instead of the blue and orange one to match his flag. But he doesn’t seem to mind so we’re good here.

Pens, notebooks, a mini vacuum cleaner for the laptop, anti-virus trial for one year, and several paper bags what will carry our home-cooked lunch to the office. Not in the picture: a pen holder that doubles as a picture frame, a laptop bag, and a white t-shirt. If you’re planning to go to GITEX, bring a stack of business cards—yours, of course—because each company will ask for it in return for the free goodies. We ran out of cards midway though the expo.

When and how much?

October 9-13, 2011. 11 am to 5 pm.

We registered online last month and got free passes for all five days! But since that’s no longer available, visitors will now have to pay an entrance fee. One day pass AED 70. Five day pass AED 130

Where in Dubai is GITEX?

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Sheikh Zayed Road. Download the DISEC venue map here.

FREE PARKING – CAR PARKS B, C, D and F: All visitors can use the free car parks around the exhibition center. Frequent shuttles from Car Parks to the venue are provided. More parking info here.



  1. My dad told me about this a couple of years ago, and I’ve wanted to visit since! In Shaa Allah one day I’ll get to visit Dubai.

    I’m a sucker for free things, so I’d go anywhere where you get anything free and your visit sounded so much fun!
    Humaira recently posted..Talking vs Listening

    1. The expo is held during October, so make sure to time your visit around this month. The weather is slightly pleasant too.

      I love collecting free things too. I don’t know…they make me feel better. It feels like receiving a present 🙂

  2. Hey, Nadia =)
    How r u ?
    Finally someone visited this before we go through
    Am taking my students soon & I’d like to ask , where can I have the most fun there? games movies etc?

    Thanks in advance =)

    1. Hello Teacher! I’m doing good, alhumdulillah.

      How old are your students? I would recommend the Etisalat stalls..they have quizzes from time to time, so it’s really fun. About the 3D movie…sorry, I really don’t remember which company offered it. There’s a mascot (Salim, pictured above) in the TRA booth and they have tons of stress balls. I saw a white guy dressed as a pirate at the DU section. He’s pretty friendly and doesn’t mind posing with you for a picture or two.

      Hope you have a great time!

  3. They are high school students, and as u said , Du & Etisalat always have the most fun cuz last year’s experience was nice specially with Du games

    hehe about the stress balls, I’ve been a loyal visitor since university & i have a whole box of them many colors =) really cute

    Thanks for information & i hope for more if u hear about any new things

    Thanks <3

    1. Yep, then stick with Etisalat and Du this year … they won’t disappoint your high school students. I’ll surely let you know when I hear something new from friends who are visiting.

      Thanks for visiting the blog!

      PS: Stress balls are definitely cute, specially when they’re free 🙂

    1. And that’s because I do not know how to write a technology related post. As you can see, I turned a technology and communications expo into a girly post. You may also have realized that by the time you finish reading this post you’ve actually learned nothing new about technology.

  4. hello, nadia!

    yes, you should rewrite GITEX’s brochure and website content. i humbly think that your come-on lines will bring in more people to the exhibit, seriously…

    the pics and the narration are great, as usual. btw, ang cool noong may libreng vacuum for one’s laptop, ahaha… how are you? 🙂
    doon po sa amin recently posted..Lumalakad ang Balita (ikalawang bahagi)

    1. Haha! Regardless of how flattered I am by your suggestion to rewrite their website content, I don’t think that’s a good idea because then the participating companies will have to focus more on the giveaways rather than their actual products!

      Yep, the vacuum is pretty useful, specially here in the middle of the desert.

    1. Salim is packed and safe in my closet. I will not give him over to the kids who’ll just throw him around. Stress balls are all I can offer 😀

      The big dressed-up Salim contains some poor guy who’s probably sweating under that heavy costume, but he does look like a robot (by looking at his stiff hands specially).

      Yeah, if only they’d advertise the freebies beforehand, it could have saved us a lot of time wandering from one booth to the next 😀

  5. It is amazing update on technology news. I had heard about GITEX previously. It seems that there are many kinds of robots. One of these robots named Salim, in one of the images above, is very cute looking. It is a very good example of how technology is developing. Thanks for sharing this interesting information with great images.
    Rosalia recently posted..Un ejemplo de dieta para engordar

  6. Ah this reminds me of my time there. The most fun GITEX was GITEX ’94, where we got tons of free stuff, printed out business cards that read “Student” and were taken by stall exhibitors seriously (lol). I won 9 t-shirts… 9! I think I still have a couple of them left, good material too, not like today’s cheap Chinese stuff. Even the entry to GITEX was free at the door! And they used to have a Shopper’s section, don’t know if they still have it anymore, that’s where I got my Prince of Persia games and PC.

    I like getting free stuff. Even a good-for-nothing ball point pen if free is good! 🙂
    Mezba recently posted..Chapter 55 – Ar Rahman (The Beneficent) – Verses 1 – 6

    1. Hi Mezba! Yes, students still visit the GITEX each year, and I think it’s still free for them. And if you live in the UAE and have already been registered in a previous GITEX, then chances are that you will receive an email from them a month before the expo opens, and get to register for free (this is how we got the free entry to all five days). 9 t-shirts?! Wow. I got 1 t-shirt (still good material) and 9 ball point pens. And like you said, since it’s free, we love them 🙂

      Today’s the last day of the GITEX shoppers. We were supposed to go there today but had to cancel due to work. Entrance is 30 dirhams!

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