1. These memories are deeply engraved in our hearts and mind. We never going to forget this wonderful experience. May Allah subhanwata’la bless with this opportunity to go for Hajj.

  2. OMG!! I am loving this series!!
    Even though I was half asleep when I started reading the post, I couldnt leave it unread, so here I am.
    This brought back soo many memories from my Hajj in 2010. I wish I were there again. inshaAllah inshaAllah!
    This one experience I feel it cant be written you HAVE TO BE THERE TO EXPERIENCE! Matlab aap likhoge par phir bhi it doesnt match up to what it really feels like hai na? Such detailed post mashaAllah :D. Can’t wait to read next post. And Once again you have written so well that I was actually re-living or (virtually living) those moments again. We didnt have to wait in the queue for hours at the Jeddah airport though, but we had taken a road trip from Riyadh to Jeddah and that was not a pleasant trip :P. (JEDDAH AIRPORT IS ONE OF THE WORST ONES, I tell you)
    Khair, my point is this post is soo detailed that inshaAllah who ever reads this will be mentally prepared for what to expect there. May Allah swt accept your efforts that you have put in to write this series. Aameen 🙂

  3. Me and my wife are leaving for Haj Insha Allah on 10nth .of Aug. from India(Chennai)Your minute and meticulous travelogue helps us to mentally prepare for the worse scenarios of delays and the inefficiencies of the Haj handlers.
    Please give us more on your other travel experiences.

  4. Assalamualikum

    Masahallah looks like you had an amazing lifetime experience even I had an experience almost as same as your’s while I was travelling for Hajj from NewYork through Sara International Travel(link text) they had me prepared very well they were very supportive and helpful throughout Hajj. May Allah accept our Hajj.

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