Hollywood Cafe: Excellent Breakfast at the Fisherman’s Wharf


Located just 2 blocks from the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf Sign, you can find Hollywood Cafe on Taylor Street. Masood and I stayed at Holiday Inn Hotel (the one that faces the Wharf – very good hotel).

We visited the restaurant based on the good reviews online. All the reviewers suggest visiting early in the morning to avoid the queue. We were there at 9 am and didn’t have to wait long to get seated.

Dolce French Toast


Masood’s order. He would mostly order either French toast or pancakes for breakfast whenever we visit the US, and this French toast certainly did not disappoint!

Masood loved how his French toast came loaded with fresh fruits.

They also have other variations of French toast, such as Classic, Orangish, and Vanilla-Banana.

Salmon-Shrimp Eggs Benedict


On the other hand, I prefer eggs for breakfast. I wanted to try something that I didn’t normally make or order back home so salmon-shrimp eggs Benedict it is for me!

I absolutely loved everything about this. The eggs were poached well (the velvety yolks nice and runny), the sauce on top was rich and creamy, the smoked salmon not too salty, the bread fresh and easy to cut through with the knife. And I loved how everything sat on top a bed of crisp hash browns!

I can still taste the flavors as I look at that picture now! Fortunately for me, Masood doesn’t care much for seafood, which meant that I didn’t have to share my breakfast with him.

We ordered hot chocolate too, which was okay. I mean, we’ve tried hot chocolate from various places and they almost taste the same.

We finished breakfast in an hour and walked out to see this queue outside the restaurant:


Hollywood Cafe is a small place and does not accept reservations because of the limited number of chairs and tables. Every inch of the small space is used! There are posters of Hollywood celebrities on the walls.

Service is quick and efficient. The lady in charge of our table was friendly and returned to ask us if the food was to our liking or if we needed anything else.

I don’t remember the prices but I think both our orders plus the hot chocolate came up to $35.

For those visiting the Fisherman’s Wharf area, I would definitely recommend having breakfast or lunch here.

Hollywood Cafe

Open Everyday 7:00 AM – 1:45 PM

530 North Point St, San Francisco,
CA 94133, USA
(Taylor St and North Point St)



    1. Mezba, almost all the breakfast we have had in San Francisco were in the $30-35 range. That’s AED 100+ which means breakfast in a posh restaurant. But it’s worth the money eating in Hollywood Cafe, in my opinion.

  1. Nice… Are you guys visiting for business or leisure?
    …and yea, the french toast does look amazing..!! Can’t blame him for not liking it 🙂

      1. Behbood, it’s both business and leisure. Masood and I had a lot of work load in 2015 and couldn’t get away, hence the early vacation this year. Our 15-day leisure is now over and the business part of this trip has started 🙂

  2. Dear Nadia! This looks great! I am really enjoying reading your post content these days, mainly because of the short length of the post, and crisp pictures to tell the tale! I think Salmon-shrimp eggs Benedict is mouthwatering. I badly want to make a version of it. Perhaps you could try it too and let us know how it taste when made at home?

    Have fun 🙂

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