jaggi palace hotel reception

Hotel Jaggi Palace

jaggi palace hotel reception

“Hotel Jaggi Palace is an edifice, au-courant with the nonpareil luxury in the capital that values your needs.”

That is what it says on the hotel’s website, although I’m not entirely sure what it means. What I know is that we arrive at the hotel, without a reservation, at four in the morning, and are warmly received. We are even given some discount when we asked.

The Room


Albeit small, the room is stylish, appears clean, and is equipped with the basic amenities of a budget hotel, like air-conditioning, television, telephone, a small refrigerator, and attached bathroom with hot and cold water. The website describes the room in an interesting way, “The rooms have been exquisitely festooned with comfort paraphernalia such as air-conditioner, satellite colour television…”

Now the cons. Some of the pillow covers and blankets have stain marks on them. They smell clean and freshly-laundered, but I am still not comfortable using them. We are too exhausted to ask for a replacement, so we use the non-stained ones.

And the artificial flowers are all dusty, so much so that I couldn’t stop sneezing for an hour!

But the bed is comfortable.


The Bathroom


“Look, there’s a ceiling fan in the bathroom!” I announce to Masood the moment I first enter the bathroom, and since then I always remember to switch it on whenever I’m in there, even when it’s only to brush my teeth. I think it’s a really good idea to have a fan in there to cool you down while you do your business; New Delhi’s heat is no joke.

A couple of fresh, clean towels are provided. But there isn’t a tube of toothpaste, or soap or shampoo. I also like how there’s a glass that separates the shower area; that’s pretty rare in India.

Room Service

The staff is prompt and courteous. We order dinner, breakfast and tea during our stay. Food arrive warm and tastes good. Presentation is also ok, except that the cloth lining the tray is stained with tea or oil.

I hear that there’s a restaurant too, but after spending most of the time outside in the heat, we prefer to remain in the privacy and comfort of our room.

I like the hotel because…

  • it is very close to Delhi’s very efficient and impressive Metro train, bus and rickshaw stops.
  • it appears to be located in a safe neighborhood.
  • we are able to get a discounted rate.

I do not like the hotel because…

  • the linen is not particularly spotless like how it should be.
  • they bluntly refuse our request to extend our stay for 30 minutes beyond the usual check-out time (so that we could pray Zhu’r and As’r combined before leaving).
  • our room is near the reception area so that we could clearly hear people talking, plus the guys at the reception spend the entire day and a portion of the evening watching TV on high volume.

Hotel Jaggi Palace website

Disclaimer: All photographs are taken by and belong to the blog author, except the first picture which is taken from the hotel’s website. This post is *not* a paid advertisement. I’m sure the hotel management doesn’t even remember me now.


  1. We stayed in Hotel Jewel Palace, which I can recommend (though it’s a ten minute walk to the Metro) because of prices, cleanliness and location right in the middle of Karolbagh.

    Food in India was pretty cheap, I found.

    1. Mezba, hotel food (as usual) remains expensive; a tandoori roti costs 35 rupees vs 15 rupees sold in restaurants. If I convert these prices into dirhams, it feels the same. Or maybe food in Dubai is also cheap.

  2. The room does look nice. But I agree with you Nadia, I will be put off by stained pillowcases too! And yes, I had to read Hotel Jaggi’s tagline a few times but still couldn’t quite understand what it means, haha! Perhaps they are trying too hard to please!

  3. Love the hotel review idea!

    I too prefer hotels near the metro – so much easier. And stained pillowcases – ick!
    Have you ever encountered bed bugs? We never have, but my biggest fear is that we will one day :S

    1. Thanks, ‘liya!

      Haven’t experienced bedbugs yet, fortunately. But yeah, it’s one of my fears too.

      By the way, you should also be writing hotel reviews (that should make up 500 posts in total) 😀

  4. hi! the place looks homey… aliw ang mention ng ceiling fan, haha. 🙂

    fair discussion – you gave the hotel its due… btw, hope your stay in India will be fun and fruitful. well wishes for you and hubby! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, San. It’s not much fun in Delhi during summer, but yeah, it is fruitful.

      Nakakatuwa talaga yung electric fan, something I didn’t expect sa loob ng bathroom 😀

  5. Ahh! So you went to Delhi? 🙂 The rooms look good enough but like you I wouldn’t think of using the stained pillows too. Sometimes i bring along a sarong or kain, to spread on top of anything I want to sit or sleep 🙂 It comes in handy for many purposes!

    The ceiling fan in the toilet is not bad an idea.Does that mean the toilet has no air-con? I’ve got a problem with my nose so the dusty flowers either goes in any empty drawers or the bin 🙂

    1. Lat, the aircon unit is in the room only, so if you close the bathroom door, you’ll be eternally grateful for the fan – it’s that hot in Delhi.

      I like your sarong idea. Thanks!

  6. I haven’t planned a trip to New Delhi yet, but I might just book that flight once AirAsia here in the Philippines starts to open their direct routes to India. I’m glad I found your blog. At least i can rely on it for hotel accommodations and food choices 😀

    1. Hello, Senyorita Mica! Welcome to the blog.

      I didn’t know Air Asia plans to fly to India; that’s great. And I’m sure you’ll love your Indian adventure when you get here 🙂

  7. During travel, I have come across some wanna-be-five-star hotels. They try making everything look awesome from outside but forget the very basics, like stained pillows and dusty flowers. I am getting a feeling that this hotel’s staff tries the same.

    1. Hello, Raheel. This hotel’s website says that they are rated “3 Star”, but frankly, I feel like it was just another budget hotel. And yeah, regardless of the “stars”, management should never forget to pay attention to small details.

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