How I Find New Delhi in June


Excruciatingly hot.

Unbearably humid.

Impossibly sticky.

But it’s my favorite city in India so meaningful posts will be published soon, right after I recover back to my conscious and coherent state. In the meantime please excuse me; I’m going to take my 20th shower of the day.

Thank you.


    1. Pervisha, the heat and humidity in Delhi feels exactly the same as the U.A.E. We rode a rickshaw for 4-5 km and by the time we reached our destination, our eyes were red.

  1. Today is supposed to be the hottest day in Canada of the year (and breaking a record since 1959) and with the humidity it’s about 41°C.. so I don’t think I could ever imagine dealing with that every day!
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    1. Smiley, I thought that we’d adapt easily, considering that we are, after all, used to living in the hostile weather of Arabia. But no, it wasn’t easy.

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