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Bring Summer Into Your Home

red tag home

I recently had the chance to work with Reg Tag, a chain of value fashion and home stores spread across the Middle East and Asia. They have a very good collection of homeware and accessories.

I have decorated my apartment with accessories from their summer collection. To see how I incorporated these accessories throughout my home and tips on how to get that summer feel indoors, read more here.



  1. This is so fab! You are so sughar! I wish I were like you but I can’t seem to pay attention to home decoration and stuff. I like plain white walls and almost nothing for furniture. Its not very nice, isnt it. But You made your home beautiful. Well done.
    Khanum recently posted..Oh My, Ice Cream Pie!

    1. Plain white walls and nothing for furniture? 😮 So totally unacceptable. My home is very simple but I don’t leave the walls bare because I feel like empty walls don’t reflect a happy home. Aisa karo ke come on over and see for yourself 🙂

  2. Everything looks so so pretty mashaAllah! I love how you have decorated your apartment 😀
    I love Redtag collections, esp their kitchen stuff. So cute and pretty at the same time. And their bed sheets,cushions etc. I can go on and on about redtag.
    Miss Maqsood recently posted..Eid Mubarak!

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Maqsood. Oh, I’m such a fan of Red Tag myself. I’m in love with those red floral cushions. Actually, I have way too many cushions now – most of them on the bed. Masood is already threatening to throw them all out now because there’s no more space left for him, haha.

      1. Hahaha, I know right their cushions are so lovely. Ask Masood bhai to get a queen sized bed then 😉
        Ammi doesnt let me buy them cz according to her cushions occupy more space on my bed than I do 😛
        When I was in riyadh last time, I saw this oh so pretty pouff Nadia Baji, I cant express how I adored it. And ammi agreed to get me that lekin it was priced at 189 riyals -_-
        Sometimes their prices are ridiculous.
        Miss Maqsood recently posted..Eid Mubarak!

        1. Our bed is already a large one 😉

          I went to Red Tag last night and looked for your 189 riyals wala pouf. Of course, I didn’t know what that one looked like, but I saw a lot of pretty ones!

  3. Congratulations Nadia, very well put together!

    I enjoy shopping clothes at RedTag but never made it yet to their crockery section. However the other year, I was able to buy three sets of bath pedestal mat. Every time, our visitors ask where I bought them because they looked cut out for Discovery Gardens bathroom =)

    Thanks for the idea, will check out the holiday decor soon!
    Kero Pinkihan recently posted..Yosemite Top Sights: Glacier Point

    1. Thank you so much, Kero! Yes, you must see their crockery section – the designs are really good and costs less than the other brands. I bought so many baby clothes for my niece from Red Tag and they’re really nice.

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