How to Spend the Day at Warwick Castle

I am assuming the reason for the conflicting reviews online for Warwick Castle is that it has been commercialized into some sort of a theme park. Therefore, those who are particularly over-sensitive about authenticity may find the experience offensive.

We loved Warwick Castle despite the mixed reviews! As someone who loves history I enjoyed every moment as we walked the grounds, climbed the tallest tower, enjoyed the shows, and got lost in the maze.

Read on to find out what visiting Warwick Castle is really like!

Climb A Tower

This is the very first thing you must do.

We chose the Caesar’s Tower. Right when we entered the castle grounds, my sister took the kids for a snack and the rest of us climbed the tallest tower. Remember: you will not have the energy to do this later when you’re tired.

Warwick Castle is situated on a strategically planned location at the bend of the River Avon. The Caesar’s Tower stands at an impressive 44.8 meters (147 feet) tall and comprises of three storeys, excluding the Gaol.

The views are impressive. On a sunny day you can see far and beyond so it’s easy to imagine how this height may have helped the soldiers keep an eye on their surroundings to keep the castle safe.

Time Tower: 11 Centuries of History!

It was the year 914. The Danish were threatening with an invasion. Ethelfleda—King Alfred’s daughter—orders the building of a an earthen rampart to protect the small hill top settlement of Warwick. #GirlPower

Time Tower is an immersive audio visual multimedia experience capturing the essence of Warwick Castle’s rich and vibrant history. They let small groups in at a time, which makes the experience a peaceful and pleasant one.

Bowman Show: Learn Archery Techniques

I was on top of the tower when the Bowman Show began. The resident archer, clad in his 15th century britches at Warwick, brought the place to life as his lively and strong voice boomed far and wide.

The Mighty Trebuchet: Largest in the World

So we all sat atop a hill and waited for 30 minutes to witness the largest working siege machine in the world launch a projectile to almost 500 feet.

The trebuchet was used to hurl massive projectiles to breach the castle walls. While large rocks and stones were the main ammunition, more unusual material, such as manure and dead animals were also hurled by the machines into the besieged castle to spread disease!

The crew took several minutes explaining and then preparing the trebuchet. The exciting part—the actual launching of the cannonball—took a second and it was all over.

In April 2015, there was news of a blaze thought to have been caused by a fireball launched from a trebuchet at Warwick Castle that destroyed a historic boathouse.

The Falconer’s Quest: Watch the Birds of Prey

We ate our sandwiches sitting in the open space while watching falcons and owls flying overhead.

The show lasted for 30 minutes. A number of different birds—owl, eagle and vultures—fly back and forth between the handler and the castle wall. When they’re not doing the shows, just walk down towards the river and find the birds resting in their houses.

Explore the Lavish State Rooms

Behind Warwick Castle’s mighty walls lie the real heart of the Castle with its beautiful grand interiors.

The Great Hall—the largest room in the castle—was first constructed in the 14th century. It was rebuilt in the 17th century and then restored in 1871 after it had been badly damaged by a fire which swept through part of the Castle.

This was my favourite part: walking through the immaculately kept rooms, looking at the life-size wax figures of famous personalities, soaking up the history, and admiring the lavish library.

We also checked out the rooms downstairs, where soldiers and servants resided and worked. It felt like walking through the story of Downtown Abbey!

Get Lost in the Horrible Histories Maze

This was fun! You basically collect a Time Passport before you enter the maze. Explore the maze as you discover lost time periods and learn Horrible Histories facts. Emboss stamps for your time passport! Once you have completed your passport you can collect a prize!

I’m not sure how we missed the prize part! Masood and I were able to located all the embossers and, as you can see from the picture of our Time Passport above, we have collected all stamps.

Don’t miss your prize!

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There are several other activities not listed above. The girls particularly loved the Princess Tower. They tell a story and ask kids to help find clues hidden within the room.

There are so many more activities! Do check out Warwick Castle’s official website for ticket information, timings, and list of attractions.

Have you visited castles? Which one is your favourite?

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