Paradise Hotel’s Hyderabad Biryani

Among the countless restaurants in Hyderabad that serve really good biryani, Paradise Hotel could easily make it to the top 10 list. We had lunch there yesterday—my first at this restaurant—and I was truly impressed.

Though located very close to a big intersection constantly busy with traffic, there’s ample parking space with valet services. Security upon entering the building is quite similar to the ones at the airport: walk-through metal detector, pat-downs, and bag inspection.

Another guy opened the door and greeted us. The maître d’ immediately showed us to a table-for-two, right next to a window (just as I hoped so that I could take pictures), handed us the menu card, and took our order. He typed into this PDA-looking thing in his hands that transmitted our orders wirelessly.


For starters we ordered fish malai tikka. Twenty minutes later, we’re still staring at the plate of finely-sliced onions and lemon wedges that was placed on the table right after our orders were taken.

“Sir, would you prefer to have your biryani first?” asked the waiter. “The fish will take some time.”

“Sure.” We were starving.

The mutton biryani, our main course, and the fish, our starter, arrived together.


The biryani was really good: the rice was fragrant and nicely cooked, the spices not too overwhelming, and the meat was delicately tender. Biryani was served with a couple of side dishes: a yoghurt raita or sauce, and a bowl of mirchi ka salan, a flavorful, rich gravy.

The fish was even better than the biryani. It’s marinated in spices and cream, grilled over charcoal, and served hot with mint chutney. It quickly releases a burst of wonderful flavors that makes your taste buds swoon  in complete delight then immediately melts in your mouth. Yum.

For dessert, we ordered banana split. Except that it was chopped. The banana, I mean. And there was no cream or cherry on top. Or chocolate syrup drizzled over the ice cream. But alhumdillah, it was still OK.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this restaurant. And don’t forget to order the hyderabadi biryani and fish malai tikka.

  • Location: Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad
  • Phone #: 040 66313720
PS: All photographs were discreetly taken with a phone camera (because I’m still not bold enough to confidently take pictures in a restaurant).


  1. hello, there.

    hmm, it looks like this is one of your feel-good dining experiences, nadia.

    can’t believe you’re still shy with your camera sometimes. you shouldn’t be – you do photograph foods (and others) well. walang halong bola, hihi… 🙂

    1. San, nakakahiya mag-photograph sa loob ng restaurant. It was OK in the UAE, but here in India, I feel people stare. I don’t think it crosses their minds that I could be a food blogger. Or maybe it’s just me.

      1. ah, hindi common sa India ang picture-picture? i have a sister who always take pics of the food first before we get to eat. pag minsan, gusto namin syang batukan, ahaha…

        how are you? 🙂

        1. San, I’m doing good, thanks! Just extremely busy these days.

          Nobody actually pays you any attention in you’re photographing food in fast food restaurants, but when it comes to taking pictures in fancier places, people actually look at you like you’re weird or something 😀

          1. ah, ok… on the contrary, my sister doesn’t mind other people staring, haha.

            she takes pics of foods inside hotel restaurants, fine dining restos, fastfoods and your neighborhood slice and dice establishments. she even does it when there’s home handaan. everybody wants to eat na and yet we can’t – she has to take her shots first. some kind of wonderful, hehe…

            ikaw na ang busy, nadia… 🙂 ingat kayo!

  2. I have been to a several star hotel ( 😉 ) only once so far. It’s called Dhaka Sheraton Hotel and I was invited in a laptop inaugural event as a journalist. These photos reminded me of that moment.

    1. Hello, Sajib! Have you enrolled in college already or still on vacation?

      I’m sure you had a nice time at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel…and that too as a journalist. Nice! Did you blog about this event? Or maybe I missed that post.

  3. Oh I’m so hungry just watching these wonderful dishes…I wish I was there with you tasting every bite as you describe..yummy yummy!

  4. I totally understand what you mean by people staring and you being blogger, The fish malai tikka sounds very good. You are having loads of fun. Good luck with ur journey and exploration.

    1. Thank you, Aiman!

      People, specially those well-dressed ones, give you the look when they see you photographing your food. But I feel that as long as I’m discreet with my shooting process, not disturbing anyone, and most definitely not using flash during dinner, then it’s OK to take pictures in restaurants.

  5. Oh come on! The biryani in Paradise Secunderabad is night marish experience. They add too much spice and biryani you eat makes your digestion system weak and you feel heavy and bloated. I and my colleague, the other day when we ate biryani in the hotel had to go to Doctor. I think the experience narrated is awfully exaggerated! The biryani should be light and aromatic and not the spicy and tangy the type you get in Paradise Hotel, SP Road, Secunderabad. Whenever you blurp, the aromatic smell should make your senses dance in tango and flavour on your fingers should keep lingering on…

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