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Iftar at Radisson Blu

iftar radisson blu dubai

One of the several things to enjoy here in the U.A.E. during Ramadan is having Iftar −either at someone’s home (if you are visiting and have Muslims friends living in the UAE, get yourself invited!) or at restaurants throughout the country. One such place that I’d recommend is Radisson Blu in Deira, Dubai.

iftar in dubai
Various types of dates from different countries.

For those who are unaware, iftar refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast at the time of sunset. We abstain from taking both food and during from sunrise to sunset. Traditionally, we break our fast by having a few dates and a glass of water or juice.

dubai iftar

Radisson Blu has transformed it’s entire second floor to make place for a grand iftar. Each corner represents a place and highlights food from that place. It’s a great way to sample cuisine from different countries in the same evening!

asian iftar

asian dim sum and peking duck

The longest queue was at Asia — people lined up patiently to try the crispy Peking duck rolls cooked to order with cucumber with leek with homemade hoi sin sauce; as well as Chinese Dim Sum and sushi.

Then there’s this guy who will cook up stir-fried noodles for you, exactly the way you like your noodles to be!

live cooking station

arabian iftar

bread basket

Shawarma station
Shawarma station

The Mediterranean Arabic station offers salads and Mezzeh followed by a choice of main courses. Persian live stations offers guests cold and hot starters and hot buffet including kebabs and a selection of Iranian rice.

And there’s bread freshly out of the tandoor:

persian bread

Fresh vegetables on display
Fresh vegetables on display



The International section assorted dishes like chicken in white sauce, chicken lasagna, etc.

Aseelah, experience authentic Emirati cuisine soon!

emirati food

I loved the Emirati food that Radisson Blu had to offer. The food is sort of a preview for the restaurant named ‘Aseelah’. I’m told the opening date could be later this year, around November.





The dessert station features Fudge Cake, Fruit Cake, Vanilla Mousse Cake, and Tarts, Pastry Chef special Mini Cakes, Arabic sweets, assorted ice cream and fresh fruits.

Iftar Buffet at Radisson Blue


The buffet is priced at Dhs 149 per person inclusive of soft drinks and special Ramadan juices.

Hours of operation: From Iftar – 11:00 pm

For bookings and information, please call 04 – 205 7333/7444  or book directly through their website   

Valet parking is available. There are also prayer rooms for both men and women.

Give to charity and save 20%

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek joins forces with Beit Al Khair Society in order to give something back to the under privileged sections of UAE society by requesting donations in the form of gifts, clothes or food items. In return for donations the hotel will offer a 20% on its Iftar offering.


I was invited for the Iftar buffet, but opinions and views expressed here are my own.




    1. World iftar buffets in one restaurant isn’t common. In fact, this is my first time to see so many varieties of food in one evening! It can get overwhelming if you aren’t careful 🙂

  1. Everything looks so grand right down to dessert presentation. It’s good that even though the hotel chain is American, they embrace Arabic cuisine and decor with no abandon.

    Nadia, I’d really love to sit down with you once to learn more of Arabic cuisine. Right now my vocabulary on it is very limited! i hope and pray soon we meet again.
    Kero Pinkihan recently posted..Iftar at Al Murjan by Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa

    1. Hi Kero! Yes, they have definitely embraced the local cuisine and decor. They are pretty excited about the upcoming launch of their Emirati restaurant. I’d love to discuss food with you! I’m afraid I won’t prove very informative with regards to Arabic cuisine (I know a little more than the basics) but I can talk endlessly about Indian/Pakistani cuisine 🙂

    1. There’s SO much to eat in Radisson Blu’s iftar buffet! I just hope, with all these buffet going on all over the country, that we don’t forget our obligatory prayers and absolutely no wasting of food!

  2. Wonderful pictures and great place. I have a question now. How do you manage to take pictures of food and people around in a restaurant? Because I feel a lil shy at that and sometimes people are not co-operative. With a cell in hand, taking pictures is easy but not with a dslr. Everyone stares like am going to shoot them off. Literally.
    Khanum recently posted..That Long Road to Ansari Clothing House

    1. Thank you, Pervisha. Here are the factors that allow me shoot in crowded restaurants with a DSLR:

      1. At a restaurant as a guest blogger, making it obvious that I’m going to take pictures
      2. At a restaurant with another blogger so that there are two of us taking pictures, making it less awkward
      3. Dubai is a famous tourist place where it’s pretty normal having people taking pictures everywhere – so that we can actually get away with it
      4. Sometimes I ask a staff if it’s ok if I took pictures (I haven’t been turned down yet)
      5. I force Masood to take the pictures when I get extra shy (very rare but it happens)

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