I’m Back to Bring You the Weather Update

On my way to work earlier today, I saw a bus full of tourists who clearly appear to be regretting the day they decided to visit Dubai during this time of the year. The travel sector has lowered air fairs, hotel rooms are on discounted rates, 50% off on desert safari and cruise dinners, thereby luring tourists in the middle of the desert with this unforgiving heat. Summer has just started. The picture above has nothing to do with this story, except that I am fascinated by those date trees and thought I’d share them.

But I’m not kidding about the heat, you guys. Here’s the latest weather forecast:

No, I did not make this up.

How are we coping? Oh, don’t worry about us; we’ve acclimatized perfectly so that we don’t even realize it’s summer already. Here’s proof of how comfortable we are in the desert:

I know. It’s that time of the year again when, after mysteriously disappearing from the blogging scene for sixty two years without any explanation whatsoever, Nadia resurfaces so that she could rant about the weather. Regardless, I’m still here in the U.A.E. after all these years simply because I love it here.

We had dinner at my parents’ a few days ago, and my sisters cooked some amazing meals! I love their idea of serving bite-sized chickpea salad on crackers and probably ate around forty pieces.

But the winner was called chicken tangri kabab, drumsticks that were marinated in spices and then broiled or grilled (I’m not even sure), but they were so delicious! I ate ten pieces and took another twenty home with me.

There’s a I’m-so-in-the-mood-to-bake-cupcakes bug in my household these days, although it’s pretty apparent that only I am infected. I bought muffin trays and cases a few days ago. The plan is to bake chocolate banana cup cakes.


Obviously, no cupcake has been baked yet. I have a valid reason: we’re waiting until the bananas are over ripe; the recipe strictly calls for that.

Oh, and I’ve lost four kilograms. I celebrate my weight loss and generously reward my efforts by eating these:

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Nadia, you are back from India. I was just wondering where’d you go? These 6 months ,you hardly blogged.:)

      1. Oh, but then it gets challenging during the cooler months because then they will have to predict the rains (that happens thrice a year) 😉

  2. Finally! I don’t care if it’s a weather report, I’ve been waiting to see just anything here!! But, you don’t mention what the actual temperature is? Tomorrow here is going to be 20 celsius which is just a little too warm for me, I prefer the 16-18 range but I’m picky 😀

    Does this mean you’ll be back more often now?

    1. That’s really sweet of you ‘liya! I will try to blog regularly now, inshaAllah.

      The actual temperature is 42 C during the day and 26-39 C at night. You absolutely do NOT want to be here before November 😉

  3. Hello, Nadia dear!

    Yeah, it’s about time that somebody is resurfacing… because… she has just been nominated to the Versatile Blogger Award! 🙂 Ah, imagine if I’d picked somebody who hasn’t written in like two decades, huh? Sixty-two years is a stretch, my dear… 😉 Love to have you around and back…

    Lols! at the sofas under the trees, in full view of the public… 😉 I thought only the ingenious Pinoys do that. I am blatantly wrong and stand corrected…^^

    Are you sure it’s just the weather? ^^ I’d be coming back to read longer and more hilarious accounts of the blogger’s developing complexes and syndromes. Or, shall I say, some imbalances? But wait, I ranted about the weather, too! *gasp*

    Sixty-two years is a long time… Do you still have some of those tangri kabab? ^_^ Happy you’re back. 😉

    1. Hey San! Thank you so much but I honestly don’t think I deserve any award (considering my on-and-off appearance on this blog) 😀

      No, the sofas are not just a pinoy thing, haha! Oh, and it’s just the weather, promise 😉

      I ate all the tangri kababs. I knew you’d ask so I finished them myself. Better luck next time! 😀

      1. Dang, some kind of a friend she is! 😉 So, you think we’ll just content ourselves with the pics, huh?! Awful, awful – *sad face.*

        Oh, I hardly care if that’s just the weather or something else. What I’ve just learned – your affliction would last until November. ^^ Imagine if we’d be getting riot posts like this one for six months? Haha. That’d be fun! 😉

        Hala, it is a nomination for the VBA, not the award yet. It’s a happy excuse to do a bit post about one’s blogging experience, a chance to ridicule the pea-brained blogger who nominated you, haha. ^_^ I hope you’d oblige us, your friends slash fans with this kind of post.

        And you’re good at it. Why, I ain’t lettin’ anybody to object to the inclusion of the first on the list?! Not even you, hehe. 😉 And it’s my definition of versatility that’s on line here, ahuh. So, don’t nobody tell me who deserves it and who doesn’t, kapatid. 🙂

        I thought long and hard before I finalize that list, eh. Don’t be such a spoilsport, that’s an order! Haha. 😉 Pretty please… ^^

        Regards to you and Masood! 🙂

        1. LOL! Your comments are too funny 😀

          Yes, the pictures are there to specifically remind you of the food you missed. I’m not this evil normally, just happens twice a year 😉

          I may have said I don’t qualify for the award, but my heart is bursting with excitement! I had to initially show some pa-humble effects, you know. But in reality I’m over the moon 🙂

  4. Nadiaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Sorry ignore my excitement, I’m done with my much awaited exam today itself and aapne blog bhi kardiye. I was waiting for your blog, padhte waqt beech beech mein i used to wander here but update hi nai rehta tha but aaaj aapne update bhi kardiya. 😀 Phirse ignore my excitement 😛
    Lol, I remember when we visited dubai, it was during august and Allah rehem kare itni buri garmi thi na! Even though, even Riyadh’s weather is somewhat similar its not humid like Dubai’s. And after that I was like I’m never ever going there again. 😛 And Hyderabad’s summer is no better than dubai’s. Infact I think its worst, khair Allah rehem kare!
    lol sofa under the tree 😛 and Mubarakkkk for losing four kgs 😀
    Can’t wait to read about your banana cup cakes. Omg that cake reminds me of my favorite Riyadh’s bakery. Allah ka shukar, hyderabad has some good bakers!
    And nowadays there’s I’m-so-in-a-mood-to-cook bug at my place :P. Parso I was like Ammi main ek hi shart pe pakwaan sikhoungi agar aap meku Lahore le jaane ka wada karinge toh she was like insha’Allah zaroor agar tumhari qismat mein hai toh. 😛
    Chalo i’ll stop here. May Allah bless you soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh(Praying from the bottom of my heart, sachii)! Take care and Happy weekend!

    P.S:Pray for my result, please, pretty please. 🙂
    P.P.S: did u go to S wala exhibition? 😛

    1. Bint Maqsood, that’s the same excited “nadia baajiii” that I get from my sister when I meet her after a long time! A big hug to you and ameen to your dua. I did not blog because I didn’t want to distract you from your studies, haha 😀 Lekin seriously, may Allah bless you with success.

      I haven’t been to Riyadh but I think Makkah’s summer is hotter that the UAE. But yeah, tourists better stay away from these countries during summer, unless they want to walk around in malls all day 😉

      I’ve experienced Hyderabad’s summer twice, that’s why I’ve vowed never to spend my vacations there between April-June. Uper se electricity goes out at least twice a day. I’m starting to perspire just thinking about it now, lol!

      Yeh kaisi shart hai with your mom? Fortunately for you, she said yes, so you go and begin cooking now 😉

    2. Ahem Ahem. Please do come to Lahore. Hum apko WAGHA border pe khush amdeed kehne ayenge! : )

      P.S. I thought I am the only one who talks this much but yaaay , m not alone. lol

      @Nadia: Weight loose kerna hai ya barhana hai ? Give us a second weight report. lol

      1. Pervisha! You’re finally back from wherever it was you were hiding! Can’t wait to meet you at Wagha border someday 😉

        Weight kam kar na hai, no doubt about it. Lekin jaisey hi 2 kg kam hota hai, khushi main I eat cakes and ice creams 😀

        1. I am really back from the dungeon room where I was hiding. If I go missing again, kindly pull me back. Mere blog ko nazar hi lag gai hai kisi ulu __ ki !
          I hope you’re good! FB pe itna bhao khati ho busy hoti ho kia neelam pari ? 😛

          Weight loose kero weight :@ Ur food adventures shud be banned. U know I lost lots of Kg’s

          1. Pervisha, this blog will die a premature death if my food adventures were banned!

            Shuker hai you left that dungeon of yours…enough hibernating…return to blogging full time 🙂

            1. Game On hai !
              but now soon I would be busy in thesis work but I have decided to pay serious attention to blog as before.

              You too should return fresh and alive .

      2. Hahaha zarooor! Ek din insha’Allah will meet you there 😉
        *Phew* Thank God even you talk as much as me 😛

  5. *Aapna blog bhi kardiyA.
    *even though Riyadh’s weather is same! excitement pata nai kya type kardiya.
    P.P.P.S: After reading yours and pervisha’s blog even I wanna start blogging but my life is sooo boring nothing to blog about. Khair lets see aaage! Love love love love your blog! 😀

    1. Except that Pervisha has almost stopped blogging, but you go ahead and blog. It will actually inspire you to make your life more interesting. Once you start blogging, you’ll begin to notice minute details/conversations of your daily life 🙂

  6. I know how hot it must be, Cairo is getting pretty suffocating during the afternoons, although so far the evenings are nice and cool, which is strange as it wasn’t like that last year. Yesterday’s temperature was 35 C, which leaves me wondering how hot it’s going to get in August/Ramadan!

    1. Londoneya, it’s 42 C here during the day (although it feels like 50) and 26-30 C in the evenings (still bearable though). Enjoy those cool evenings while you still can! I don’t want to think about how the weather will be like for us during Ramadan 🙂

  7. Hi Nadia !!

    i m not any exception …. i too missed ur posts. The weather in middle east or in Delhi – it’s same everywhere. Burning hot … waiting for mosoon – God know when it will arrive … hope pretty soon though !!

    And off course lets not talk about food … as it really looks delicious – i m hungry ! how can u lose weight – i really wonder ! By the way …. now waiting for ur muffin cup cake post. Don’t be lazy n don’t let those bananas rot.

  8. Wow! I read above – 42 C?! I thought Michigan was hard to come with during my first Ramadan last year, major kudus to you all, :). All of the food in this entry looks absolutely delicious, mmm.

    1. Yes, Toni .. it is 42C and rising! It is going to be a hot Ramadan this year, but then there is this determination and strength that comes with the holy month, so inshAllah it won’t be as difficult as we think it will be. Plus, we have the advantage of shorter working hours here in the UAE, which is such a blessing.

  9. Isn’t it amazing how we adjust to the weather? Subhanallah. We just had a friend visiting from Germany that would not stop complaining. I was halfway through saying – “It’s only in the low 100’s” – until I realized how ridiculous that would sound to me two years ago.

    1. Haha! That is so true. I’ve been living here for almost 6 years now, but every year before summer starts, I need to rant about the weather at least once 😀

  10. What a feast you had! Good idea to write about the weather – I think that I’ve got so used to it now that I rarely mention the soaring temperatures. When you see it in print it makes you realise the extremes we live in!

    1. Alisha, I did bake those banana chocolate cupcakes, and they turned out great. No photographic evidence though, since there were only six pieces of those cupcakes, and they were gone before I could even grab my camera.

  11. assalamu alaykum ukhti, missed you wallahi think about you all the time! My husband was just in Dubai mashaaAllah I wished we could have went but no passports for the wee ones. InshaaAllah next time! Looking forward to more great posts!

  12. hello, nadia… this here’s the weather update so am posting my complaint, err, update… our place has been flooded – chest-deep, kapatid… three weeks of continuous rain, some luck, ahaha… regards! 😉

    1. Oh my, I KNOW how it is with continuous rain and floods there. I hope no one is hurt! But that’s the spirit of a Pinoy … smiling though the rains 🙂

  13. hello, Nadia… just dropping by to say hi and thanks for stopping by, dear. and to let you know that this is one of your posts that’s really funny, as in… i like the puns and you sound like somebody i wouldn’t want to cross, haha. spend the rest of the week gladly… hugs! 😉

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