gorgeous teaset at abshar dubai

Iranian Dinner and Tea at Abshar

abshar dubai

Crystal and gold chandeliers hung from a ceiling (mostly painted blue, complete with clouds) and small flat-screen TVs on the walls showed Persian pop videos. Loud, multi-coloured vases, wall art, and other themed memorabilia littered various shelves and tabletops. And waitresses dressed in brightly-colored persian-inspired costumes.


My family and I recently had dinner at Abshar, an Iranian restaurant located in Jumairah.   Just before entering the restaurant, you’ll find the bakers making their traditional nan-e-Sangak in a small bakery.

IMG_0173 IMG_0187

The Food:

This is simply called the “Salad Abshar”. Love the yummy hummus and the eggplant-based dip called Moutabal!
Assorted leaves to munch on while waiting for the main course.
Khoresht-e-Ghormeh Sabzi. This is lamb stew that contains red kidney beans, fenugreek leaves, lemon juice, and various herbs. Paired with the yellow rice, this was something different for my taste buds, but in a good way.
This is a plate of mixed grilled items called Ziyafat-e-Alighapoo. Both the lamb and chicken are marinated really well and grilled perfectly so that the meat is still soft and succulent.
Plain, steamed rice that is served hot and with butter on the side. What you do is immediately tear open the packet and let the butter sit atop the mound of rice and wait for it to melt.
Zereshk Polow, or rice with barberries.



The Star of the Evening:

gorgeous teaset at abshar dubai

Thinking there was a special name for this tea, we asked the lady serving our table to bring us sulaimani chai. She looked at us, perplexed. In our household, this is what we call tea without milk. Obviously, the Persians (or perhaps, just this particular lady) didn’t call this tea sulaimani chai.

Looking around us, there was a couple sitting not quite far from our table. They were happily lost in each other’s eyes, whispering sweet-nothings (or that is how it appeared to us). On the table, next to their entwined fingers, sat a gorgeous pot of tea. “That one!” we tell the lady in-charge of our table, our voices filled with pure, unadulterated excitement. “We’d like to order some of that special tea that comes in that beautiful pot!”

“Oh that,” she casually said (probably rolling her eyes in her mind), “You mean you’d like to order some chai?”

Is that what they call this beautiful drink, just chai? I was hoping there was an elegant, difficult-to-pronounce name that would match its fancy presentation.

The tea wasn’t the best we have had, but since we were fascinated by the tea set, it was a beautiful and fun teatime nevertheless.


Hours — Mon to Sun: 12 pm to 12 am.
Parking — Valet
Phone — 04 3940950
Address — Located opposite Miraj Islamic Art Centre, Jumeirah 3, Dubai.
Abshar’s website and  Facebook page.


  1. They serve the same teapot in Iranian restaurants in London where I have often dined! Your photographs have made me realise just how much I miss Iranian food. I love the small butter stick that comes with the delicious rice and the chicken that’s marinated and cooked to perfection. Good times, thanks for reviving the memories:)

    1. You are most welcome, Londoneya! I love Iranian cuisine too. Even here in the US, we get excited whenever we see an Iranian restaurant. In fact, we already have a favorite in Houston 🙂

      1. what’s the brand I wonder? Since the Syrian conflict broke out, many Armenians from there moved to Armenia and opened little restaurants with delicious food! 🙂

  2. Lovely tea set!
    Nadia – my new blog is finally up, just published the first post a few min ago. Site looks very plain, changes coming soon inshallah! Yours has been a big inspiration to me all this time 🙂

    1. Aww, that is so sweet of you, ‘liya! I am flattered. Thank you so much.

      I apologize for not visiting sooner. Masood and I are busy traveling and working (and shopping). I’ll hopefully be back to reading all my favorite blogs soon.

    1. Yes, I do recommend this place. More than myself, it’s my sister and her bff who are crazy about this restaurant and come here often. You should give it a try.

  3. hahaha! hellow, nadia… i had a good laugh over this. simplicity is beauty, dear, hehe. btw, the place looks gorgeous and elegant plus the foods look very nice from this end. hey, Ramadan has been over for some time now, you’ll have a different routine, eh… hope things are in tip top shape. warm regards… 🙂

    1. Hello, ‘San! Yep, Ramadan is over a long time ago and we definitely have settled into a very new routine. Masood and I are out of the country – working, but trying to squeeze in as much fun as we possibly could. Not an easy task, hence the lack of activity here.

    1. Eva626, I’ve been looking for a similar tea set here at the Global Village (annual shopping thing that happens here in Dubai). I wanted something similar but without the image of that man 🙂

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