1. Iram, the indoor rainforest really caught me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to be so lush and gorgeous! One moment I was outside in the hot desert weather, the next moment I hear waterfalls and was walking in a jungle 😀

  1. Loved reading your review, the pictures look great! You know my love for Indian food, I got hungry looking at the dishes lol. It is a bit of a let down when the dish isn’t as generous as it should be, I wouldn’t have been satisfied with just two prawns either 🙂

  2. I have yet to try Salmon tikka! just the thought and I am drooling..

    I too pass by the hotel so many time but never braved to enter. Once I called for staycation but staff said they onyl do booking for 3 days at least yay…… so yes have heard their fascinating rainforest too from other hotel reviews.
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