Jelly Custard Dessert


A can of fruit salad, drained (you can add fresh fruits too, but you need time and effort to chop them)

A packet of strawberry jelly crystals

Some sponge finger biscuits, crushed

A packet of plain custard

Strawberries for garnishing

How to:

  1. Divide fruits in separate glasses.  I managed to convince Masood to buy me a set of new glasses just for this dessert because the ones we had are all tall.
  2. Prepare the jelly according to packet instructions.
  3. Pour the jelly evenly over the fruits, and refrigerate until set (takes about 2-3 hours).  I had left over fruits and jelly, so I poured them in a mould, and once set, I gave them to the neighbor’s 5-year-old son.  The gleam in his eyes was precious.
  4. Sprinkle crushed biscuits over the jelly.
  5. Prepare custard according to packet instructions.  Pour them over the biscuits, and refrigerate for 3 hours.
  6. Top with strawberries and serve.


Masood loved it!

I personally give it 4 out of 5 stars.  I like it because it isn’t too sweet, and loved the taste of biscuits sandwiched between the jelly and custard.

My brother-in-law ate about a quarter from his glass, and returned the dessert in the fridge.  The next day however, when he came home from work and didn’t find anything to eat in the house, he ate this dessert – and finished it!

I’m sure this dessert will be an instant hit in children parties.

I found this recipe here.


  1. Hmmmmm…..!

    Can I come to your house? Can I? Can I? You need to prepare me at least three glasses of that dessert! So tempting!

    1. Niyaz, if only the temperature over at your place didn’t shoot up to 55 C, I’d send a glass of dessert over. But given how lovely the weather is there, even the glass will melt.

  2. And I was wondering how on earth do people make those cute little jello-in-the-cup that costs a bomb in restaurants! Thanks for sharing this!!! Now I just have to find some nice little translucent containers. 😀

    1. OR let me find something else to make for next week. I’m in the mood to try different desserts. Let’s see how long this mood lasts 😀

  3. Delighted to know that you’re in the mood for desserts, I would love to jot down more of your recipes. This jelly custard thing looks awesome , and I guess it wasn’t that hard to make? Perfect.
    It looks fairly like the one Nigella Lawson once made…have you watched her shows? Her desserts always look simply fantabulous.

    1. Alisha, this was so easy to make!

      I haven’t seen any of Nigella Lawson’s shows, but I’m a frequent visitor of her website. I love going through the “Kitchen Wisdom” section 😀

  4. just the type of dessert for ppl living around the equator!
    looks yummy Nadia, I have yet to say no to desserts in my lifetime! I know I know, I’m a very wise person 😛

    1. Thanks, Behbood! Since I won’t have any travel posts throughout summer, I thought I’d post recipes instead. That way, I’ll also improve on my food photography 😀

    1. LOL 😀 Well, actually my categories drop-down is titled, “Places I’ve Photographed”. But since putting a category for each post is mandatory, I had to place posts like these somewhere in the drop down, and therefore, I decided to name it “Posts or Pics not related to travel”.

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