Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhlam Ayurvedic Resort, Thrissur

Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Ayurvedic Resort

The monsoon season has begun, and although worried that the rain may drench all our travel plans, it turns out to be great weather to visit Thrissur. You see, it is during this time of the year when one can get amazing discounts on hotels and resorts in South India; tourists generally avoid visiting this part of India between July and September due to heavy rain and mosquitoes.

The Resort and Staff:

Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhlam Ayurvedic Resort, Thrissur The main reception area.

We travel from Hyderabad to Thrissur via train that takes a good 24 hours. We have pre-arranged for someone from the resort to pick us up from the station, and it takes one and a half hours to reach the resort in Athirapally, also home to this magnificent waterfall, the largest in Kerala.

Just as our car enters the premises of—and I shall say this for the first and last time because I can’t spell or pronounce it—Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhlam Ayurvedic Resort, I notice a small group of men and women in uniform gathered in front of the main reception area, smiling. It feels a little bit awkward, all this attention.

Cheerful, smiling faces greet us even before we step out of the vehicle. The manager stands at the entrance of the reception area, ushering us in. “Good afternoon and welcome to the resort,” he says and, giving a matchbox to Masood, continues, “Please light this lamp, sir. It’s a tradition.”

I wait for my turn to light the lamp, but he takes the matchbox from Masood’s hand. Perhaps women aren’t allowed to play with fire?

A fresh bouquet of very pink flowers is handed to us. And once the formalities are over, we’re shown to our cottage.

All the staff are pretty friendly and attentive to our needs.

pink bouquet

The Rooms:

Cottage in a resort, Thrissur

Pretty, red-bricked cottages occupy half of the resort, giving us complete privacy and a feel of being home. Inside, the room is spacious and cozy…

Athirapally Resort

The room is impeccably clean and the bed is comfortable.

A fruit basket containing apples, oranges, and bananas await us…

Thrissur Resort

The bathroom is, however, disappointing. I’d been expecting a rain-shower type of showerhead, or a tub with scented candles, ready for a warm bubble bath. You know, considering that this is an ayurvedic resort and all that, I felt as if they should have paid a little more attention to the bathroom.


The Surroundings:


Athirapally River

Afternoon tea by the river

The Food:

Restaurant at the resort in Athirapally

The phone lines are dead. It’s being fixed, the manager assures us. Dinner is our first meal at the resort, and although I prefer the privacy of eating in the cottage, we decide to try the restaurant. Apart from the globe-shaped white lamps that light the gravel-filled pathway (a good idea because the rainwater doesn’t flood and make the soil muddy), there was darkness.

To keep the insects away, most of the restaurant lights remain switched off, but it’s totally fine. There’s a middle-aged, Hindi-speaking couple with their restless boy sitting at one of the four tables when we arrive. There is no menu card to help you decide what to order. A young man, not more than eighteen, approaches us with a bright smile. “What you like to order, sir?” he asks in English. Turns out, there’s only dal (yellow lentil cooked in coconut-based gravy), mixed vegetable curry, and steamed rice. We order all three items.

We soak in the surrounding: it’s pitch dark outside, raining, cold, light from the distant lamp illuminating the restaurant softly, the sound of the river roaring fifty feet away. The piping hot dal, freshly-steamed rice, and rich vegetable curry arrive and we enjoy our dinner.

Breakfast the next day consists of an omelette, toast, butter, jam, and tea.

Lunch is disappointing. I’m planning to speak with the manager about it when a chubby and cheerful man emerges from the kitchen and begins chatting with one of the guests. “Are you the owner of this place?” we ask when he approaches us and shakes hands with Masood. “Oh, no!” he laughs, “I’m the cook!”

We complain about the cold food and he apologizes profusely. He tells us that, to make up for it, he’ll cook whatever we wanted. “Meat here is halal,” he adds. “I can cook kababs for you or fry a fresh fish with spices.”

While we’re feasting on our hot kababs and crispy fish, a very young couple arrives and sits at the table next to ours. They’re newly-weds, I can tell from the still-dark henna on the lady’s hand and the two dozen glass bangles on her arms. I can also tell from the way the guy looks at her with a silly grin on his face and is completely attentive to her whenever she speaks.

“Please get us some of those kababs,” the guy tells the restaurant staff when he comes to bring water to their table. “Um, we don’t have those anymore.” “OK, how about some fish, then?” “No more fish, sorry.” The lady gets impatient. She lifts one of her hands to fix her hair, the glass bangles clinking loudly.

“Well, what do you have?”

“We have vegetable curry and dal, madam.”

“Can we get dosas, at least?”

Dosa only in the morning, sir.”

“I can’t believe this!” says the lady. “OK, tell us where we can find another restaurant.”

“Other restaurant very far away in the city, madam.”

“Oh well, just bring us the dal and vegetable curry.”

The kabab is tender and juicy, and the fish is flavorful. The cook comes out and asks if we enjoyed the food. We thank him profusely for the wonderful meal, and he goes back to the kitchen and brings us a complimentary orange drink that he made himself. We order the same fish for lunch the next day.

Here’s the dal and mixed vegetable curry.

Dal and vegetable curry

The fried fish is a must!

Fried fish

I like the resort because…

  • the location is amazingly fresh and serene.
  • there’s an ayurvedic spa and treatment centre just a few steps away from the cottages, where one can get a very relaxing, traditional massage.
  • everyone at the resort is nice and friendly.
  • there’s an internet facility at the main reception area that guests can use for free.

I do not like the resort because…

  • it’s quite far from the railway station or the airport.
  • food is sometimes served cold and there isn’t much variety unless you meet the cook and place your order beforehand.
  • the bathroom is too basic.

The resort’s website.


  1. I seriously thought that you were just messing with your keyboard when typing the title of this post. How do you even pronounce it? 😕

    By the way, I think those Links (Menu) looked better under the banner/header image.

    1. Hello, Sajib!

      LOL … nopes, that is exactly how the name should be spelled. If you stare at the words long enough and try to read it real slow, you’ll be able to pronounce it 😀

      Regarding the menu…I tried putting them below the banner, but it looked awful and out of place. Perhaps when I replace the banner someday I will bring the menu down. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Nadia, seems like you had a wonderfullllllll vacation. The surroundings look so serene and calm. At such a place, don’t u just wish to put down the camera and enjoy the beauty for awhile? I skipped alot of such pretty places in Turkey as, the more I photographed, the more I missed.
    Splendid pictures, my Mighty Nido!

    1. It was amazing, Pervisha! We had such a relaxing and lazy weekend where we enjoyed fresh air and peaceful surroundings. Alhumdulillah.

      We were there for two nights and three days – for me, this is more than enough time to soak in the place. So I wasn’t crazy about taking pictures asap. But had it been just an overnight stay, I would’ve spent my entire waking hours behind the lens 😀

  3. I agree with the bathroom thing. I mean it should’ve have been better, and food! Aah! nothing puts me off than a below average food being served cold when you are having so much fun otherwise.

    Anyways, enjoy ur trip while fasting. Must be difficult?

    1. Hello, Aiman! Food means so much, specially when you’re staying at a resort and paying heavily for a meal. I guess we were lucky to have befriended the chef the next day 🙂

      We’re finally back home after three months! There’s still unpacking to do (though I wish someone would come and do it for me).

  4. This is a great review, I love how you make it so personal but also give out useful information.

    The location looks natural and peaceful. And the fish looks yummy 😀

  5. Oh my I can understand the newly married woman’s sentiments! Lol food is so important.. and to have just dal… is a little sad.. especially if she is on her honeymoon?! But other wise the place looks really cute and cozy… Ah… I can imagine the ayurvedic treatment must be the main attraction there…
    * drifts off and dreaming of an imaginary ayurvedic treatment….*

    1. Hello, Mrs Umer!

      Yep, the ayurvedic treatment plus the mighty river that runs right behind your cottage are the main attractions of the resort 🙂

  6. Wonderful pics! The cottage looks real cute and nice,and so does the interior.Maybe not much people go there and that could explain the lack of variety of food at the restaurant.Couldn’t they have used candles for lighting up the place? Do they attract insects too?

    With such conditions I don’t think it’ll be a memorable honeymoon for the newly wed couple though.I can still remember mine 🙂 In Indonesia overseeing a very large lake,which is actually a volcanoe crater! That’s lake Toba! Have you been to Indonesia? It’s really good for taking pics btw 🙂 And the food is amazing! When I went there,I was never left without soup as a side dish,be whatever flavour that is 🙂

    I’m glad you’re thinking of continuing the Indian trip next year.Shows how much you enjoyed your stay there 🙂 Thank you for sharing these amazing photos with us!

    1. Thank you, Lat!

      Well, besides us, there were five more families staying at the resort, two of them Arabs from Oman. So it’s not like they didn’t have guests. It’s just that I feel as if you need to pre-order your meals if you want anything besides dal and vegetable curry. And if this is indeed the case, then the manager should suggest this to the guests when they arrive. Food is an essential part of the package, after all. It makes or breaks a vacation.

      I’ve never been to Indonesia, but I’d love to visit someday! How come you never shared those pictures on the blog? 🙂

      PS: Candle light attracts the insects too.

  7. Can’t help lolling at how you distinguish them to be newly weds.
    “I can also tell from the way the guy looks at her with a silly grin on his face, and is completely attentive whenever she speaks.”

  8. hi, nadia!

    gusto ko ang mga hirit as in, “Perhaps women aren’t allowed to play with fire? Ayan naman, haha!

    Eto pa, “They’re newly-weds, I can tell from the still-dark henna on the lady’s hand and the two dozen glass bangles on her arms. I can also tell from the way the guy looks at her with a silly grin on his face, and is completely attentive whenever she speaks.” Ikaw na, ikaw na ang nakakapansin ng mga gano’n, ahaha.

    At heto pa – “food is served cold and there isn’t much variety, unless you meet the cook.”

    well, what can i say, really? the blogger is being honest as in, “Lunch is disappointing.”
    hey, who wants to be disappointed with lunch? i don’t. hehe…

    gusto ko rin ang sabi mo sa pahuli, “The kabab is tender and juicy, and the fish is flavorful.” it sounds like it came from somebody who has finally come to terms with fate, haha. slight lang.

    i hope you enjoyed your stay there. did you guys swim, huh? 🙂

    1. OMG, San…you’ve literally dissected my review post! LOL

      We had a wonderful time, but because it’s the raining season, the water’s rough and therefore swimming is prohibited. Sayang nga eh.

      1. ahaha! let’s just say, yours truly appreciated the puns, ahehe… doon po sa amin, maraming napapansin. rhyme, di ba? 🙂

        ay, sayang nga! mas maganda sana kung nakalangoy kayo… sayang talaga. pero, parang ang homey noong lugar…

        btw, di pa tapos ang dissection. gusto ko ang tuloy na kwento about the couple sa next table. parang pang-short story na talaga, ahaha. as in, parehong-pareho ang naging una nilang lunch sa first couple who learned their lesson a bit late. just a tiny bit late, though…

        hello sa inyo ni masood! 🙂

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